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    was anyone able to get their couples t shirt? i tried to get mine and it said something like, i need to be married during some kind of event or i havent done my silver wedding yet. ive been married for like a year on my main and i did that 30 and 100 day crap. this happening to anyone else?
    If you do have the t shirt can u please post a pic of it? D:

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    I was wondering about this, too... :(

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    I haven't given the quest a go, but by the sounds of it people are struggling with completing the quest.

    Here's the shirt:

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    I read that you can only get it if you were married a really long time ago (before some wedding revamp or something, I don't know) or if you get married during the time period this shirt is available.

    Also, it expires.

    The 30/100 day commitment quests don't help in obtaining it.

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    Not the best looking thing ever

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    My NL's marriage is pretty old (like, 2009 or so) and it wasn't eligible. It has the old 3 slot ring.

    If it expires anyway I'm not gonna bother trying harder.

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    According to some Basil posts, you have to get married during the event to get the T-Shirt and the item expires after 90 days.

    Picture taken from the linked topic.

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    Ahh, okay.

    Yeah. since it expires I wouldn't want to bother, but the person I'm married to really wants it and she said she would pay for it so I guess I'll get it if it's not glitched and you actually get it if you get married during the event, lol

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    I got the shirt, but for some reason my wifey can't equip it thanks nexon



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