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    23 24.73%
  • Pointless, but whatever

    46 49.46%
  • Logical

    4 4.30%
  • Archaic

    8 8.60%
  • Just plain odd

    24 25.81%
  • I don't mind, but wouldn't do it.

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  1. Default "Signing" your posts...

    We know there are people who do it.

    I've heard the complaints about it. [hide-vote]I find it bizarre myself. [/hide-vote]So, what do you think?

    On a forum where all your user info is already displayed on every single post you make, is there a reason to also "sign" your post with your name? (Whether manually or actually in your signature line)

  2. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    [HIDE-VOTE]I find it highly annoying. What the hell is the point? Your name is on the left side of the forum already, so we know it's you who is posting...[/HIDE-VOTE]

  3. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    i find it in-between annoying and whatever, i'd understand if you were on a mule acc or something, but every post on an account with the same name?

    never understood it.

    only person i see doing it is hadriel, which strikes me as odd.

    if it's on your signature then idm, unless it's on actual text without details. then it's weird again.

  4. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    @ShinkuDragon; reminded me of hadriel. I'm not really weirded out by it and it does give a feel of seriousness to the post. It does seem redundant with your name&info on the left as well so I don't do it, but I don't mind when others do.
    It's just another thing that helps create a poster identity to separate yourself from the masses, like font color.

    EDIT: The poll options are kinda biased, there's only one "positive" option which really doesn't resonate with how I feel about it, all the others are negative towards it.
    I'd choose something like "it's ok, but I wouldn't do it. Sometimes it can add some charm to the posts".

  5. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...


  6. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...


  7. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    isnt the signature supposed to do that? Its pointless 'signing' your name in the actual post... its called the signature for something you know..

  8. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    I find it utterly pointless and redundant. But it doesn't bother me that people do it. I don't see how such a little thing could seriously annoy someone or that they would make complaints about it.

  9. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    Is this really an issue?

    It might be somewhat archaic. Back on usenet we all did it. Now it may or may not be necessary, depending on whether the name you sign with is the same as your forum name or ign. Either way it's too little to matter.

    Personally I'm much more bothered by big, colorful, and especially moving sigs (and avatars). Those make it hard to locate the content of a post. Thankfully one can opt out of seeing them.

  10. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    That's sort of what the thread is trying to establish, yes?

    Only way to determine if something is an issue is by letting people talk about it. Plus it's morbidly interesting to see who couldn't care less and who actually twitches at the mere thought of it.

  11. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    Seeing as there's people that do use it, ones who are annoyed by it and I, myself, who finds a strange charm in it. Yes it's something worth discussing.

  12. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    I think it's charming in a way, but given that there is a signature feature /and/ every post has your username at the side of the screen anyway it isn't at all necessary.

  13. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    Isnt that what a Signature is for? Just becuase people use it for graphics/quotes etc, doesnt mean that it's not still usable for what it's original intenion was.

  14. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    I don't think it's troublesome enough to discuss, it's easily tolerable in my opinion. To my knowledge only hadriel does it, it's weird, but I just consider it a quirk he has.

  15. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    Well I personally don't mind it really. I feel like this is targeted to only one person though.

  16. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    The one you're thinking isn't the only one who has done it. Just the most prominent at present. Not really targeting anyone, just gauging public opinion on the practice.

    I'm sure they'll weigh in soon too.

  17. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    [hide-vote]I tried to remember who else had done it but couldn't find out. Who else did it?[/hide-vote]

  18. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    i'm with locked, then again it was probably before my time anyways.

    as for how i feel about it, the fact that only hadriel does it makes me not care enough to not want it removed, if half the userbase started doing it though, i'd see it as nothing more than spam and post-extensions.

    hadriel usually writes a long enough post that the name is a small percentage of the post, if it were small answers like "yep, nope, here" i'd also find it annoying.

  19. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    Didn't the guy who used to suddenly come to Southperry only to answer to elaborate math threads use the same signature thing? I forgot his name.

  20. Default Re: "Signing" your posts...

    The poll listings are seemingly one sided. There isn't just a plain old "I do not mind it.". This is forcing me not to vote.

    In all honesty, I do not know why there is even a thread for this. It act of auto-signing or manually signing a post with whatever your handle is does not bother anyone. (That is, unless that person has some sort of disorder.)

    I'll vote here.

    ✗ I do not mind the signing of posts.



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