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  1. Default What happened to Nexon?

    I'm sure that all of you are aware of how Nexon has been lately changing. What I mean by changing in the shortest way to explain, They are listening to the complaints of the community.

    I've sent three tickets in the past week concerning different issues, One of which was about my account being hacked/compromised. The first two tickets were replied to the next day (Which to some, is a huge improvement). The one about my account was answered in two business days.

    Here was the reply I received.

    Now the purpose of this thread, Have you noticed any changes with Nexon? Do you think this new attitude will improve the game overall?

  2. Can of Soup Male
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?


  3. Neon Atom

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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    and blue blazes !!

    seriously how much have you spent on the game ?
    I don't see why they would give out 500 dollars so freely, you must be an avid spender and they don't want to see you go.
    I'm sure they are getting better lately if it truly only took 2 business days to reply.
    wonder what it all means for maples future.

  4. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    Still waiting on my compensation, my ticket hasn't been responded since last July.

  5. Helium Atom Straight Female
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    What the serious pineapple. Two days, and you get 500k?

    My tickets from December - February (one of which, also an "I got hacked" ticket) are still completely unanswered.

    I wonder if they just threw out all of the old tickets and are only answering new ones.

  6. Helium Atom Male
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    brb finally submitting tickets about all the times I was hacked because I can't change my password.

  7. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I believe someone else posted recently that they offered him 250k compensation for losing his items in a storage glitch.

    On the other hand, I got a 10-month-old ticket about HT not giving Ambition answered recently... with the usual form letter about forwarding to the right department.

    They are trying, but it's still rather hit-and-miss.

  8. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I think that either A) Diablo 3 has poached all their costumers and this has finally been the kick in their arses that they needed (There was somewhere that linked to an article saying that some MMO and even LoL has decrease in players due to Diablo 3 launching) or B) The other post that people linked to with Namco or whatever people getting involved are taking effect to actually work this messy game. That, or maybe a mixture of both.

    In terms of improving the game overall... well, let's just say that Nexon is on thin ice here. Given their history of all talk and no work, if they even mess up something to a horrible degree, then crap is going down. Who knows, maybe they will finally get it together in the face of bad circumstances, or like many other times they have vowed to make the game a better place but only to fail and fall short and back to their old crap sludging ways.

    For the record, I am certainly not optimistic about this and think that recent "improvements" are just measures of desperation.

  9. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I resubmitted my ticket with pictures of items lost. Explained how the previous compensation was worthless and I want a reassessment. If nexon actually responds in my favor, I don't know what I'll do.

    True test guy's, let's see what happens

  10. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I had a sent a ticket when I first got hacked back in September, but I got a reply saying I would receive more information in early 2012 (I never did).
    So I resent my ticket.

    There's a special category for "Compromised accounts" and has fields where you include how many mesos you lost, NX, items, and the ticket description. (Don't think this was here before)

    And on the topic of how much I spent on the game, I've spent about $125 out of my wallet. But my total Nx included the times where I bought card codes from guildies and friends, and that added up to about $700.

  11. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I checked. but my 4 tickets since Feb are still open and ignored. wtp @500k MP

  12. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    No reply since january. You're lucky... Did you put screenshots of your items in your ticket?

  13. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    No screenshots, Just listed what items I had lost.

  14. Helium Atom Straight Female
    IGN: Deviatoric
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    Guild: Princess
    Alliance: Twerk

    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    That's the category I used when I submitted my ticket a few months ago. :\ I also have over $2,000 charged NX on my account since 2005. My boyfriend had one of his old tickets answered recently and told me to check mine, but as of right now I'm still getting weekly "SORRY WE HAVENT GOTTEN TO YOU YET" emails for each one, not even responses saying they'll look into it. One of the tickets was even NX-item related, and they DID fix the problem at some point before my item expired, but they never bothered to tell me they fixed it, I just happened to pull it out of CS storage and realize i could finally wear it.

    I guess I'll give them another week or two on these tickets before I just close them and resubmit. buh.

  15. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I included the ticket number of the ticket I sent back in August in my new ticket, and my old ticket was closed for being a "duplicate"

  16. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    Level: 152
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    Guild: IDissOrtis

    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    really seems they decided to "ignore the old, focus on the new" but we'll see.

  17. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
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    Alliance: UndiesUnited

    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    Even more striking, they seem to do this cross-continents. Nexon Europe has really improved last month or so as well, together with Nexon Global.

    I wonder if they found out simultaniously that they had to step up or that they got orders from Korea or something.

  18. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    Just checked my account, and I cant seem to access the ticket I had submitted previously about my account being hacked and stripped....

    Derp, logged in on the wrong account.

    Ok, just updated the last ticket I had open with them about my account being hacked. Lets see how that goes.

  19. Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    If you didn't run out of underwear, I expect videos.

  20. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Default Re: What happened to Nexon?

    I wonder how they'd respond to character deletion when getting hacked.



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