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    Where do they drop? Sadly we dont have monster book in ems to check manually :( (mainly looking for VL dual bowgun 125 recipe)

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    Abyss Blooms 125 dual bowgun recipe drops from Mutant Orange Mushroom and Pianus.

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    In GMS, VL dbg's werent available until like....3 weeks ago? 4?

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    Awesome, thanks.

    You mean the level 120 one from store or 125 upgrade? We got the level 120 DBG in LHC store and the upgrade in smithing with todays patch.

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    Well, as far as I know, the Celine Von Leon Dual Bowgun (or, the level 125 VL DBG, if it's called something different in eMS) recipe doesn't drop from anything, and while I haven't checked eMS specifically, in both gMS and kMS, having the recipe won't do you much good, since the recipe calls for the finished product in order to make it (as in, you need 1 Celine Von Leon Dual Bowgun to make a Celine Von Leon Dual Bowgun). I would think they'll fix the recipe once they actually allow you to get the recipe and craft it, much like the recipe for the Dominator Pendant required a CHTP, Blazing Sun Pendant, and a Fearless Pendant before the recipe was actually obtainable.

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    This is not really the hardest part, since I can solo VL and you only need 5 coins for a weapon now. As for the recipe, if it doesnt drop thats fine but Im gonna try hunting it for a few hours at Mutant Orange Mushroom since there is 2x drop for like 2 months now due to legend patch.

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    I would say it's the hardest part, because you need the weapon you're trying to make to make the weapon you're trying to make, if you understand what I'm trying to say. It's impossible, but then again, if you already had it, you wouldn't need to make it in the first place. The Abyss DBG is a more realistic goal, and the recipe almost never drops.

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    Wait what? Im getting confused, you need level 120 weapon to make level 125 which I already have but I need the recipe to upgrade it to 125, no? And we cant be 100% sure that it doesnt drop in ems without trying to hunt for it, there is some difference with drop rate between ems & gms and I hope this is one of them.

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    No, in the recipe data, the recipe for the 125 VL DBG calls for itself (you need the 125 VL DBG to make the 125 VL DBG), it's an issue specific to the DBG, though, so the other upgraded VL items are fine (as in, you could make them just fine if you had the recipe, just not the DBG). It's like that in gMS, and the most recent kMS patch. I would guess that it would be fixed if they were allowing it to drop, like how the Dominator Pendant recipe used to require three other pendants, but when it started dropping they changed the recipe to make it more probable to obtain, so I would bank on it not dropping. But, since I don't have eMS installed, I can't say for sure it's like that for eMS as well.

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    Well thats pineappleed up, Im gonna hunt either way, and then I can have ss proof to nexoneu so they have to fix it. (if the recipe drop that is)



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