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Thread: [In Progress] June Gachapon Update

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    This is kind of lame compared to the CS sales.

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    Pretty chair, But sorry my nx quota is spent up on those rocks

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    Oh boy! Can't wait to pull out a level 50 untradeable weapon that's unusable by my class! Take my money!

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    We're mixing it up this month by removing the Chair King and Gachapon Grand Prize and introducing a new Double Probability Legends Weapons event in their place! Were also adding the multi-player effect Cherry Blossoms Chair as a limited-time item this month! Read on for more details.

    Anyway, why are you all whining? Gachapon is MUCH, MUCH less cash grabby for a month. This is a good thing. Throw your money at some hyper rocks or pets or other permanent stuff.

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    Yes, I read that. When I wrote that I meant that I was surprised that they didn't have one this month, for once.



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