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  1. Default Timeline - MapleSEA

    If there is interest in this we need the following;

    1) An Editor willing to process submissions, validate them, and make the entries.
    2) People willing to contribute stuff.

  2. Default Re: Timeline - MapleSEA

    I'm a bit surprised MSEA time is so empty, is there any way I can contribute?

    I have info on MSEA since v30+ till v1.16, but it's v1.27 now. I've quit for a year.

  3. Default Re: Timeline - MapleSEA

    Really suprised that it's this empty. I would like to help contribute, seeing that I'm a MSEA player myself.

  4. Proton Male
    IGN: RyuBlader
    Server: MSEABootes
    Level: 215
    Job: Dual Blade
    Guild: Orion
    Alliance: ??????

    Default Re: Timeline - MapleSEA

    This is interesting...didn't know they had a timeline function about MapleSEA.

    Perhaps this would offer almost all the information needed to update this section?:



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