is proud to announce that after a few months of testing we have officially launched the MNN Contributor Program.

What is the Contributor Program and what is a Contributor?

The Contributor Program was an idea launched exclusively through the forum in April which enables anyone to contribute a news article/post without being an official staff member.

A contributor is someone who writes news posts/articles whenever they want. There are no post requirements per week/month, no permanent commitment, and no assigned topics. You can write about anything (assuming it is appropriate) relating to MapleStory.

The idea behind the MNN Contributor Program is to give anyone in the MapleStory a community the opportunity to make their voice heard, whenever they want. After all, this site is built upon the interaction of the community…so why should only those who work for the site be given the opportunity to speak with the community?

How to apply

If you are interested in applying to become a contributor, then head over to our Contribute page or click on the ‘Contribute’ link on the navigation bar on the Maple-News website and follow the simple four-step instructions to get started.

Happy contributing!