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    Default Champions Build Thread

    Realized there wasn't one of this here so why not make one?

    Post here your champions builds and your experiences with, or if you need help building a particular champ or when its the best situation to build X item on X champ you could do it here.

    Im gonna start showing this Darius build i have been tinkering with the past few days:

    Jungler Darius:

    -Wriggles Latern: for obvious good reason for the early and mid game

    -Boots: Mercury are good for the magic resistance and Tenacity.

    -Phage: been hearing a lot that this is one of his "Core" items, gives AD, Hp and that passive slow to compliment your own W. Upgrade to Frozen hammer its the best route.

    -Hexdrinker: Mres + Magic Damage shield + Damage can help you quite a lot against Magic Dealer enemies. Upgrading to Maw of whatchamacallit whenever you feel its necessary.

    After this point i always been changing items because quite frankly i never know how to build after this point, i usually just mess around with:

    -Glacial Shroud/Frozen Heart: The mana could help a lot if you are a trigger happy person with your ult in good situations (You tend to oom easily if you abuse his ult), Armor for more tankyness and the frozen heart passive compliments really well with the frozen hammer/his W. Cooldown Reduction its another reason why to get it, you will be dealing your damage mostly by your Q and W and Passive, so might as well abuse them since the cost little mana to use.

    -Youmuu's Ghostblade: The all-around for any AD champ that have some self-respect. Critical strike, AD, Armor Pen, CDR, and ASP+MS Active makes you dangerous in 60 seconds intervals. Sadly its a little expensive, so buying it too early its a no go unless you are feeded as pineapple.

    -Guardian Armor: Extra tankyness its delicious, and the Passive could be a buttpineappleer if the enemy forget about you in teamfights after killing you, Beheading (Although its more like a splitting in the middle) for 5 plox!

    -Bloodthirster: Damage and Sustain, nuff said.

    -Infinity Edge: Damage damage damage!, although i prefer the BT myself.

    -Atma Impaler: The Offtank weapon of choice, if you get Frozen hammer it could give you a boost of 40 to 50 AD by lvl 18.

    The joke of Darius: Abuse his passive, apply as many stacks as possible, W its an AA reseter so AA first before using it,E if the enemy tries to escape,Q Blade Hits 50% extra damage but don't lose your head (Pun intended) trying to always hit with it. Always R with 3 or more stack on the enemy (Applying 2-3 its easy to do in less than 2 or 3secs) and remember a square in the enemy hitpoint bar = 100hp.

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    You're building too much damage on Darius.

    Wriggles -> HoG -> Mercs -> Phage

    into situational tanky.

    Probably looking at trinity if fed, mallet atmas if not. Can grab a negatron for when an AP gets out of control. Finish up with LW when needed. GA is alright too, I suppose.

    On Darius, you want tanky. If you're tanky enough, no one can stop you from loading up on stacks then spamming R to win

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    Default Re: Champions Build Thread

    Could prolly ditch the brutalizer/youmuu for the GA, Hexdrinker its good for AP teams/target.

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    Default Re: Champions Build Thread

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    Default Re: Champions Build Thread

    Guess I'll do AP mid Lux my favourite character:

    4 general routes for laning:

    Dorans rings: give decent health, mana regen and some slight ap
    Philospher Stone: nice g/5 and nice sustain hp and mana for laning. Good item when you're not needed as a strong presence early game and the enemy has low burst.
    RoA: Only tanky item you should need as Lux, gives nice sustain during laning.
    Morello's Evil Tome/Deathfires Grasp: Valuable CDR, mana reg and a bit of ap. This should be picked up when you're against enemies that can be harassed hard by you, whereas they can't do much back. Also serves as a bandage when blue buff isn't available. Passives are icing on the cake.

    After laning:

    Deathcap: Nice chunk of ap, with the safety of Lux this should be rushed early, as it's just pure power.
    Void Staff: Should be gotten as third major item not including boots to counter magic resist.
    Lichs Bane: Nice passive synergy, extra mana, slight surviveability bonus with extra MS and M resist, bit of extra ap. After you've deathcap you can take this.
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Bad item, all spells are AoE or have a cc already attached to them. Lux can afford to go less tankier due to her range and kit so hp goes wasted too. ap is nice but better options.
    Zhonya's Hourglass: Great item, passive gives you some breathing time when your cd's are up or if you're being focused hard. Armour will protect you from those bruisers/ad assassins (ad carries can be bursted down). Big ap.
    Guardians Angel: Lux has no blink in her kit so this doesn't go well with her. She'll likely be focused down again if the passive gets used. Might be good as last item though.
    Frozen Heart: This or hourglass should be your go to item for armour, nice CDR/aura/mana/suriveability.
    Abyscell Scepter: Bad item, if you're up against a mage heavy team, mercs treads+lichs bane should provide you with the magic resist you need. Passive goes largely wasted due to Lux' range.
    Mejaji's soulstealer: Bad item in its design as carries are designed to be focused and this just gives you a giant red flag when you've a lot of stacks: KILL ME! Lux is one of the few that can take it though as she plays incredibely safe. Consider going with this if you run something safe like ghost/flash and the enemy has few gap closers or your team has great peelers like nautilus/janna/ashe/udyr.
    WoTA: Bad item, Lux has AoE spells and benefits little from the spell vamp on it.
    Shurelia's reverie: Awsome item for a support oriented mid and adds to the kiting/poking set up Lux fits so well into with her long range/mild cc. Should only be gotten if your team doesn't lack damage though. What I mean by this, do you have a Nautilus (more utility) or a Nocturne (more damage) jungling.
    Iron Solari: Nice support item, Extra shield for your entire team, nice aura for your poking oriented character, nice surviveability.
    Aegis of Legion: If you rush this early your team will be deceptively tanky with this and your AoE shield. Confirm if your jungler/support is getting this though.

    Boots Choice:

    Mobility: good at landing skill shots? REAL GOOD I mean because this is a risky buy. Then go for this and go gank happy during the laning phase because you've great early burst/cc. 2 second bind at level 1 say what?
    Swiftness: Underrated as casters have little itemisation for MS, but Lux takes Lichs bane and is already really safe, no buy.
    Lucidty: Work out this into your build to hit that 40% CDR sweet spot, take into account masteries/runes/blue elixer/blue buff.
    Sorcerers: Pure dmg, usually buy this.
    Merc Treads: Tons and tons of scary cc on the enemy team? This is your go to item, consider this when the enemy team has 3+ magic dmg dealers, example: brand mid, galio top, fiddlesticks jungler.
    Berserkers: No, never take this on ap mid Lux.
    Armour boots: Buy this when up against an ad mid as they're usually counters and you'll need the armour to survive. The meta is also more AD oriented so it's never really a bad buy.

    So there are basically 4 ways to go as I see it:

    1) Pure offense: Dorans rings, Sorcerers, Deathcap, Lichs Bane, Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass.
    2) Tanky supportish: RoA, lucidty, Deathcap, Frozen Heart, Void Staff.
    3) Offensive supportish: Morello's/Deathfire Grasp, Lucidty, Deathcap, Void staff
    4) Pure supportish: Philo, HoG, lucidty, Aegis, Solari, Shurelia, Frozen Heart, Death cap, Void staff

    Pure offense is usually preferred as her kit is already support like and she needs the damage because her ratio's are worse then other ap mids. Pure offense is also the easiest way to carry if your team consists of randoms.

    Hmm I'm pretty bad at this... Well I did my best :)

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    Wow, way to poop on the party.

    Also, no jungle Fizz build. Downvoted.

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    >This is a SaintVicious Meme

  8. Default Re: Champions Build Thread

    Glass Cannon solo mid Lux.

    Dorans > Sorc Shoes > Deathcap > Lich's Bane > Zhoran's > Normally a defence item. Usually against right click 2 win champs so Thornmail.

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    Default Re: Champions Build Thread

    When playing Swain in mid i usually go:
    Boots > Potions > Chalice of Harmony > Fiendish Codex > Athene's Unholy Grail > Sorcerers Shoes > Hextech Revolver or Deathfire's grasp

    Boots and Potions for easy skillshot avoidance and to keep me in lane for a little longer
    Chalice of Harmony early so i can use my ultimate a lot as soon as i get it, by that time my health and mana potions have usually been used so my ultimate keeps me alive and avoids ganks, as well as adding some DPS if i'm trying to burst a champ down.
    Fiendish codex to get some cooldown reduction, mana regen and ability power, which are all useful early on.
    Athene's Unholy grail for much the same reasons, plus it frees up some item slots
    Sorcerers shoes for obvious reasons
    Hextech Revolver if i'm doing well. For extra ability power and spell vamp (when combined with my ultimate, spell vamp keeps me alive for quite a while, and allows me to outheal ganks, especially if i'm being chased by champions that can't close gaps)
    Deathfire's grasp if i'm doing poorly and need to catch up or be more of a help in team fights. the DoT damage of torment gets higher the more damage you do while the DoT is active, so using Deathfire's active effect after torment as well as using Decrepify and Ravenous Flock is pretty much a guaranteed kill on a single champion.
    If i'm going the Hextech route, i might upgrade it to Will of the Ancients and add in a Spirit Visage for even more healing.

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    Default Re: Champions Build Thread

    Jungle nocturne build for some tankyness and damage:

    >Zerker greaves
    >Phage/Frozen Hammer
    >Wits End
    >Some defense item if needed, or more Damage.

    Up to the Wits end i consider pretty important, after that depends on what you are dealing with.

  11. Default Re: Champions Build Thread

    This is more of a question of Viability.

    Is the Tanky/Ap Ahri still viable after her patch that raised her ap ratios and lowering her base damage? I haven't played much since I got TERA/work and was still wondering.



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