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  1. Default Overburnd at dojo

    Yeah. I didn't try for a real speed run since fraps was giving me trouble when i was fighting leviathan so i spent a bit of time on that. Also, 60 attack buff didn't work for some reason. Does it not play nice with DABR/adv bless...?

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    Server: Reboot
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    Default Re: Overburnd at dojo

    Might be Adv Bless, because I get the full 60atk boost with my DABR refreshing

    Also, I noticed you had top 10 gloves. Did you cheese your way to victory as well? :D

  3. Default Re: Overburnd at dojo

    Weird. I guess i'll try again later without using adv bless.

    I simply had a top 10 spot when the "the dojo rankings have been counted" message popped up on the server. I think gloves are given out whenever that happens, which explains why i didn't get my gloves 2 days in a row and then got so gong's gloves at 9 PM EST.



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