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  1. Default should I cube, or..

    try to get a Pink Bean pet
    those are f'ucking adorable and one of my friends brought one over from another server and I died of cute

    what I want to cube is this:

    with super cubes.

    I'm getting 50k for the first time in a few months (besides me yanking 5k bill to mobile for wheels and a useless neb gach run)

    ... a cake pet is fine too (perm or not).

  2. Default Re: should I cube, or..

    It's possible you could do both if the cubing goes well.

  3. Default Re: should I cube, or..

    well, I'm just scared that I wouldn't be able to get a pet from the boxes.. something in my mind tells me I'd be spending a lot for it.

    of course, I'm going to cube and hopefully get a rank up, maybe two with my luck of sparse cubing + get an epic scroll out of it to sell.

  4. Default Re: should I cube, or..

    One of my friends spent 80k nx going for the Pink Bean Pet the other day and ended up empty handed. He did get a Pie, but it wasn't permanent.



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