So, I recently started doing all of the silent crusade quests so that I could have the option to fight Arkarium when my Aran was high enough. However, I got all the way to the quest titled "To the Temple of Time", the one where you have to kill 50 corrupted skelegons/cornians. The problem is, in the map where Afrien and Mercedes are, I cannot enter the portal immediately to the right of Afrien. I honestly have no idea what to do. I've had almost everyone on my buddy list come to this portal, and they can ALL enter it. I'm the only fucking one who can't. I have absolutely googled the piss out of this glitch, yielding minimal results. I honestly am purely at a loss, and would take any help I can get. I'd really like to finish these damned quests, considering I spent forever and a day on them. -_-