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    Yeah I said it! This thread is about unicorns!!
    I'm going to keep track of my next 21 GAMES as soraka on my trek to number 100!

    Currently at 79 80 81 games played with her here's a screenshot of my stats. Each game I play raka I'll post the end screen and provide details if possible.

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    Well this one started off a 4v5 we all felt bad and took it easy on them. Singed on our team fed vayne who solo'ed top and their 5'th reconnected and it turned into quite the almost comeback.

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    AP mid soraka GOGOGOGO!

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    So annoying I wanted to play soraka for these two games in a row today and they both had soraka bans in lobby.

    edit: I got a game in with her finally. It was riddled with trolldom our mundo was a cock bag all game while doing dumb as hell things and blaming the team for them.

    Not much to say here, just couldn't come back from that amount of stupid.

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    Game thrown by jax and shaco at the end after winning all game.




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