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    Mr. Medunjanin's inability to successfully work in America as a working terrorist after graduating from al-Qaida terrorist school indicates that the economy is beginning to steep back into decline. Presidential polls predict that this incident may hurt President Obama's poll rankings in swing states in the upcoming election as the effectiveness of his presidency in strengthening the economy has come under major scrutiny and will be a central issue that Romney will push in the presidential race.

    The al-Qaida Terrorist School of the Arts has made plans to redo its curriculum to force students to perform a year of terrorism in the areas of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction and intel reporting in lieu of using funds to promote their Alternative Life Suicide Bombing program that has been the leading institution in Afghanistan. The school has stated that their curriculum has succumbed to traditionalism and that these new changes will reflect a more modern approach to their mission philosophy.

    When pressed about his current situation, Medunjanin stated, "It's not fair that I spent so much on tuition for my education in Afghanistan. I literally spent four years learning everything about AK-47's and grenades, only to be unable to attain a fulfilling career as a suicide bomber. The whole system is rife with infidels."



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