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  1. Default Some kind of Fantasy Bird

    It was a day after a 12 hour college day (including Senior Design!), and I was dead tired. I didn't want to fall asleep in the upcoming evening class, so I decided that I would distract myself to stay awake by drawing something. This is the result.


    Considering that I did this without any references (unless you count from 2 weeks ago), I'd say it turned out pretty good. Except the legs. Eww.

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    Default Re: Some kind of Fantasy Bird

    It's not horrible, but allow me to make a suggestion in which you study how wings work, the shape thereof, and feathers ^_^~

    I love birds/phoenixes/ if that wasn't obvious

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    The tail feathers and the crown were me breaking reality. Otherwise, I have no idea what you're talking about, because we all have opinions, and I certainly don't have yours, other than "it's not horrible, [but it sucks anyways]."

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    She means that the wings are a little strange and different from how they really work. I don't really know how to say that, but yours lack a little of the "freedom" the shape and feathers give to the wings, it's something free, instead of having such a fixed shape.

    Try something like this, sorry for not being so clear, i'm on the other comp and only got a mouse. :S

  5. Default Re: Some kind of Fantasy Bird

    Oic. Yeah, the pose I selected does not do freedom much justice. There are a couple real life examples where the wings really do look like that though, but it's not much of an excuse in this case.

    Thanks for the criticism.

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    Default Re: Some kind of Fantasy Bird


  7. Default Re: Some kind of Fantasy Bird

    I was thinking non fiery Moltres, because Moltres has wings like that, but Ho-Oh works too.



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