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  1. Default Evan damage bugged?

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    I'm wondering if there's a bug dealing with Evan damage, and if it's something in all versions of exclusive to JMS.

    Damage Examples

    These Monks should only have 195k HP. The rightmost one took 3 ~100k Criticals and didn't die.

    It's not a bug dealing with Missing. This happened on Spirit Vikings when I was about 125. Before I had Flame Wheel I was using Dragon Thrust, doing triple 50ks, and they didn't die there either sometimes (Anytime I didn't do any crits, they didn't die. As such, it was harder to capture, so I didn't). Those guys only have 105k HP.

    HP of Monks

    By all accounts, all three of those Monks should have died, but none of them did.

    Also, as a side note, how is 3% of 15312-16644 (My Range) 250? It should be double that.

    I am wondering if this is present in GMS/KMS, and if anyone has noticed it...and what exactly is going on.

    The only thing I can think of is that one of the Passive MATK buffs are showing up, but not working correctly. There's the 50% MATK bonus at the cost of 50% more MP, and the 35% MATK bonus for having 30%-100% MP. The only thing I can think of is that one of them isn't working properly but is showing up in damage/range.

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    Default Re: Evan damage bugged?

    It seems like the old "Client -> Server" communication error.
    Your client will show damage that should kill the monks, but the Server is registering different numbers that are lower than the ones you see on your screen.

  3. Default Re: Evan damage bugged?

    Are you sure it's not this? -

    I have had this bug for 50 levels now. The ticket I filed about it keeps getting postponed. Relogging fixes it, but it sucks to give up all your buffs.

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    Default Re: Evan damage bugged?

    Interesting, I remember this occurring sometime around Big Bang and LHC, thought it was fixed O_O Are any other Evans experiencing this? I kind of over-funded myself so can't really see it if I were to play again :(

  5. Default Re: Evan damage bugged?

    It's definitely not that, because this is over multiple plays. The encounter with Vikings was days ago, and a couple days before that I noticed the same thing with Earthquake at Dual Pirates. It's been on multiple mobs, over multiple days, over multiple skills.

    Unless it occurs after doing nothing but being logged in for a little bit. I could test that. I usually log on two hours before I even go do anything, because when I created my character I got a free month long EXP Pendant, which I have been making sure to take advantage of. After class I'll check it out.

    You could purposely unequip some gear to lower your stats, if you wanted to.

    The only thing I can think of is that it has to do with the two passive MATK bonuses Evans get. They're probably glitching out.

    EDIT: So I went right to TOT after logging into my Evan today. It is now working properly. Monks I don't miss die in 1 hit, as do those that get 2 crits and only 1 miss. I'm doing the right amount of damage. I'm going to experiment to see if it breaks again, when, and possibly figure out why, though I doubt there will be a solution unless it's fixed in a recent KMS update.
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