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  1. Default Getting Stronger

    Hey I am currently level 167 and I just realized I cannot equip my Empress junk because I don't have 170 Strength... what should I do? I have Evo rings 2-3, Legends Ring, Legendary Gratias Ring, Mark of Naricain (10 all) some of those maple stuff, but all in all I come out to 9 STR + 110 = 119 STR. What can I do to get more STR that doesnt compromise the rest of my equips? My mask, glove, and shoes are all scrolled for Atk so I can't really do much in that department. I have the cannon shooters blessing. I have 15 Blessing of the Fairy.

    Aside from that I plan on a CZak and a CHTP or a normal one... not sure what my money allows.

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    Default Re: Getting Stronger

    first of all, how many empress equips you plan to equip, and how much dex does each give?

  3. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    Craft or buy a +70/80 STR potion and use it to equip your Empress set. Afterward, if you have enough pieces of the set, it will sustain itself, so it won't matter if the potion wears off of you log off, you will keep the Empress set equipped. That's how I did it for my Viper at 4 base DEX.

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    yea, i was gonna suggest this, but first i need the info above, if the set can't self-sustain, it will fall apart as soon as the potion wears off.

  5. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    the cape doesn't require any str.. so wearing it first gives you 7 str

  6. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    I only have the gloves right now... but I will be getting more very soon...
    Didn't think about that thanks guys.

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    What about your belt, medal, pocket, and face equip? Czak helm helps a lot. If you have an android, scrolling its heart with sword, axe, knuckle or blunt weapon scrolls will help. You could always have a temporary strength cape or strength potential earrings.

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    Belt is the Maple Legend one, planning on a UWG or VIP one whatever they are called... CZak >=<? Empress? Not sure which to use... Empress has more attack but CZak has more stats... hmm... Don't have an android... but dont those hearts expire?

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    Gold hearts last 3 weeks and aint expensive to craft since the recipe last forever.

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    Default Re: Getting Stronger

    It does!? I never knew that! I always thought the recipe was a one-time deal.

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    Mega monkey magic can be helpful as well (not sure if it was pointed out)

  12. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    Are there Scroll for Cape for STR?

  13. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    Undoubtedly, armor for str works as well.
    Anyhow, I'd recommend getting some stuff that's scrolled for str. A pair of 10str earrings will help, and getting a clean czak will do you a world of good.

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    Mark of Naricain is +5 to all isn't it? Could swap for HTP for extra str.
    Codex - 1 to 8 str, you can probably get +7 at your level.
    Shoulder - If you didn't get the previous silent crusader shoulders, try and get the new one and pass all 20%'s.
    Medal - Can use the +8str true legendary hero, or +5 silent crusade, or other.
    Hat - As people have mentioned, Czak for 22, or at least another hat for 18.

    earrings, overall, cape, face/eye, pocket can add a few.
    You can also raise your str to 22 (or 23). You'll still end with 999 other stat.

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    Is the codex level based only on sets? Cause I have nearly 200 cards and I'm still level 2. I only have like one or two sets not entirely sure.

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    Yeah it's based on sets.

  17. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    Yes, only based on set points.

  18. Default Re: Getting Stronger

    Yes Cape STR scrolls exist! The cape is 7 slot, so if you're lucky with 60%s you could get 21 (7+14) STR from them .

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    Default Re: Getting Stronger

    Czak does not have more stats.

    Also, scrolling a pirate cape for STR is dumb. So is getting a pirate cape without a weapon in the first place.

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    How much STR/DEX does a clean Emp helm come with, mm? Im not saying this sarcastically, I seriously wanna know :P Set bonus - Gotta take that into

    Trust me I would get an attack cape :P



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