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  1. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: CptManuel
    Server: Yellonde
    Job: Buccaneer
    Guild: Insane
    Alliance: Resurgence

    Default What should I do?

    Well.. I got a rank A nebulite 2 days ago. I can't decide what to do with it though. I've been thinking about:

    • Sell it for profit? How much would it be worth?
    • Get Decent SE/HB? (Note: One of my friends got those already.. so i kinda see that pointless =/, idk)
    • Try to get good % stat or even % dmg boss?

    Note: I'm from yellonde and Im not sure if people would pay a lot for it ._.


  2. Default Re: What should I do?

    Anyways I saw your shop and the one you got is worthless so you might as well cube it.

  3. Default Re: What should I do?

    Isn't this a perfect candidate for the SHould I forum?



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