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  1. Cash0 Leaver Buster

    Okay, first off, Leaver Buster annoys the pineapple out of me. Just saying. I have a pomegranatety computer and LoL is randomly glitchy for me. So, sometimes it simply won't open a match, sometimes it won't let me do silly little things like clicking, and it's just annoying.
    Brings me to my second point:
    The seriousness of the offense needs to be decided by how much of the game you affect.
    This would help make it so that people who d/c in the middle of the game or whose game glitches out aren't punished the same as someone who leaves simply to spite their team.
    A base value plus a value based on what percentage of the game you leave would be your amount. i.e., 20 base value for leaving or afking, +1 for the percentage of the game you affect, rounded up. Base value only applied once per game, not per action. Not registered in the first 5 minutes.
    I'm just sick of getting b& because my computer is apparently pomegranate. Leaver Buster is a decent idea, but it's implemented poorly. Falls for the fallacy of the false positive.

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    I personally hate people that leave late more than people that leave early.
    And i feel that the current system is just fine.
    But well, that's just me.

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    Asking too much of a automated system?

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    How do you quantify how much of the game you affect?

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    what's your total normal games played and how many leaves do you have?

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    Simple and straight to the point:

    Any time you leave a game, you negatively affect your teammates. You basically hand them the burden of having to playing a 4v5 game (and you basically give your teammates a middle finger when you leave). With you (or anyone) leaving, won't you (or your teammates that you affected) get pissed that they have to continue on with a numerical disadvantage?

    There's no "grey area" or "what ifs" in leaving matches. You're basically begging that question right now, and trying to make yourself look like you're the innocent one; in fact, simply by leaving (whether its on your own free will or technological problems), you're guilty by default. Relying on excuses makes you look like a weaksauce, to put it bluntly.

    In your situation, if you have a ****ty computer (as you described), can't you get a better computer, if at all possible? Have you ever thought about being considerate to other over your own needs? And wouldn't you enjoy playing LoL matches more if you aren't plagued with DCing so much and getting the "leaver" mark so often?

  7. Default

    Give me 6 days and I'll find out.

    Here's a question for you:
    Do you think I LIKE getting banned?
    Of pineappleing course I have tried to get a better computer.
    So, this little problem should be fixed towards the middle of June. Assuming I don't piss my parents off even more.
    But for the next 3 months or so, no. I cannot get a better computer.
    Really, this is an idiotic question. What do you think was the first thing I thought of when this pomegranate started was?
    I don't pineappleing like my LoL crashing, I don't pineappleing like having 4 minute load times, it's about as fun for me as it is for the rest of my team. I don't like having to restart my client, or worse yet, my computer, just to be able to get in-game and be level 1 when everyone else is level 10. I do my pineappleing best to actually play the damn game, and you're saying it's all my fault? That's rich.
    Also, it turns out there is such a thing as an uncontrollable circumstance. Really. When my game crashes, it leaves. Is it my fault my client crashed? No. Do I try to rectify it? Yes. Then explain to me why I am punished the exact same amount as someone who gets in-game and leaves immediately, and doesn't come back the entire game? Does that make any pineappleing sense? Would you rather I just AFK'd, not being able to click, which would serve, wait for it, THE EXACT SAME PURPOSE AS LEAVING THE GODDAMN GAME COMPLETELY?

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    So basically the amount of time you're missing from the game? Because the impact you have from being present in a game varies wildly depending on what point of the game you're gone from.

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    Then a multiplier for how late in the game, I guess (in a ratio, not static).

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    A lot of people(Me included) just have a zero tolerance towards leavers.
    I understand your frustation and i agree, obviously the system isn't perfect, but it works as intended, and seeing that the majority of the players don't have problems with it, i really doubt it will change anytime soon.
    Edit: I just personally don't think that such a multiplier will work, because leaving at any point in the game messes it up for your team. I've been behind multiple times, and suddenly an enemy disconnects, now my team can just push and force fights because we will win them.
    I just think LoL needs a ingame pause button for games in general, i do not comprehend why that is not implemented yet.

    I do hope you find a solution for your problem though :)

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    Thing is, I usually don't leave for the entire game.
    That's why I get annoyed.

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    Seems like you're real mad and willing to personally attack and insult me to diverge from your problems. I'd strongly reconsider your tone that you are directing towards me because I will NOT - and ABSOLTUELY NOT - tolerate any type of attitude directed towards anyone - including me - in this fashion. In fact, I will not play with anyone that treats others like this and have this type of attitude. That includes you right now.

    Shape up, grow up, grow a pair, and change that attitude of yours. No one's going to be helpful to you if you treat others badly, especially when I'm giving you constructive criticism and you take it way too personally.

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    Yes. I'm mad. How'd you figure that one out. I'm not raging at you to "diverge from [my] problems", I'm raging at you because you're being a condescending pimento.
    Perhaps it would help if you weren't so self-centered that you see a wall of text, see that I'm mad, and just decide arbitrarily that I must be wrong and mad for no reason.
    It's not an attack. It's a goddamn argument, and if you don't want to argue, here's some tips for you: a) don't post obviously inflammatory comments, and b) don't post on Southperry.
    Maybe if you bothered to read and actually understand what I'm saying, we wouldn't be having this little problem.
    Your original comment was ignorant and condescending, and this one revels in that. I'm very sorry if you don't like people being mad at you. I don't like people being presumptuous, arrogant, and too full of themselves to pull their heads out of their asses.
    F'uck your warnings. I consider it a success when people like you dislike me.

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    Looks like LoL isn't the right game for you, then. Ya know I basically play only during midnight-3 am now because most of the time I'm too scared my mom/dad are going to stop me playing LoL for a little bit for whatever dumb reason or thing they want me to do.

    Don't play LoL if your computer sucks.

    If you're too addicted to the game then as soon as you get dced, stop playing LoL for the rest of the day. It looks like you're playing multiple games within a day and dcing from all of them. Which is rather stupid. Look at purple, he has like 50 leaves by now, yet he hasn't really been banned yet. To do this you must ADMIT you're addicted to LoL, though. Which is pretty bad.

    And an automated system can't tell the difference between a ragequit and a forced DC or a glitch. Look at Maplestory.

    I'm looking at my old posts to find when I used to rage about leaver buster.


    Ah, those were the days.
    Raul, I really oughta play a match with you one day, then quit. See how mad you and the three other members feel about it ;3. So...yeah.

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    Not usually multiple times per day.
    But a left game counts for more than a successful game. :\

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    It's okay, Raul. LoL isn't the right game for Corn but he still plays it anyway.


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    Default Re: Leaver Buster

    Hurr I'm addicted to it as all of you guys are.



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