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Thread: New jobs... :|

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    Guess it's just a matter of time until they start basing their stories off movies or some crap like that. Maple just seem to have lost his Story somewhere else. :S

    Done on SAI and Photoshop. :>

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    Im surprised at the normality in the facial expressions. I am also surprised that I am not struck with a mixture of fear and awkwardness while leaving this thread.

    Still pretty.

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    She is staring into my soul. Which she I'm talking about you may never know.

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    @Tay begs to differ.

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    How true ;_;

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    Sooooo... ORIGINAL!

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    Instant Decimation
    Available to Bella and Edward Classes

    Does 999,999% damage to all mobs in map by staring or sparkling, can break damage cap, adds permanent buff to increase all stats and skills to Max value

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    Read Bible /
    =>> Create new Maplestory class

    Yeah I know, I'm a genius!

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    I wouldn't say that.
    You might want to try MapleAdditions if you want to post things like this.

    Damn, I had my bleach out and everything.



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