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Thread: Nebulite Data

  1. Default Nebulite Data

    I'd like to figure out some stats on how you get the various ranks of Nebulites, so go wild.

    Nebulite Boxes

    B Rank Nebulites
    There's a rumour, which I've seen no evidence to contradict, that you can only get 1 B Nebulite per character per day. In light of this, I'd like to record the number of boxes people opened ending when they get a B Nebulite. The most efficient way to get B Nebulites is to switch characters each time this happens (plus of course fuse the rest), the question is how frequent they are using this strategy.
    Number of Nebulite opened that was a B

    Nebulite Fusion

    Alien Cubes
    RankBecomes#Est. probability

    As long as you can post all the numbers (eg. 100 D, 1 C, 0 B, 0 A from Boxes, 1 D->C, 5 C->C, 1 C->B, 10 B->B from Cubes) you got from a run, I'll plug them into this post.


    Original patch rates
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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    a wee bit over 250 (258 or so)

    all D rank

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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    I found 2 boxes drop in Eden Mine hunting Lvl. 72 Cart Bears. Got 1 D and 1 C from both of them. Being there 30mins and not another box fall for me.

  4. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Just curious... did you have a chance to look at the monster card drop table before the USC? I wonder if it has two different "boxes", one for C's and one for D's. Could be a clue as to whether we should expect anything but D's from popping out of some monsters...

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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    To be honest, when I opened my monster book, I could see NONE of the drop items from my entire book until I changed set.

    They only drop 1 type of box.

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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Nebulite Boxes
    164 [D] Rank
    000 [C] Rank
    000 [B] Rank
    000 [A] Rank

  7. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Nebulite Boxes (from Wolf Spiders)
    60 D
    0 C
    0 B
    0 A

  8. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Can we disregard all posts that say other than D unless they provide a screenshot?

  9. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    That seems reasonable given I've heard of 1000+ Ds and nothing else.

    I'll probably get some free Alien Cubes if the USC ends and try to get some data on what happens when you cube Ds. Surely I have enough accounts to get 1 or 2.

  10. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    The 1 free Alien Cube I got turned a D ranked Nebulite into a C for me. Went from LUK to max MP if it matters. I'll try a few more when the server check is over.

    edit: @LoveVictim; any chance you could assist this thread by posting the results of your Alien Cubes?

  11. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    From D to C it's pretty much instant from my experience, I used 3 cubes on 3 different D ranks and they all instantly became C rank.

    From a single Nebulite at C:

    C to B it took me about 3 cubes. From B to A it took me about 20 cubes and honestly, I think it's just like regular cubing, rate wise, to upgrade to A.

    Took about another 5 cubes to get Decent HB.

    I got ATT, %Total from B ranks, the rest were crap.

    I got %ATT, % All stat, % STR and Decent HB on cubes at A rank.

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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Sounds like alien cubes are far more forgiving. I guess that's good...once cash trade room works, that is.

  13. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Nvm, saw your thread.

  14. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Is everyone getting their boxes from Wolf Spiders? Maybe someone should try getting boxes from higher level monsters to see if they have better rates to give other ranks.

  15. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    I got 80 of mine from Crimson Guardians (lv.120)

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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Nebulite Boxes
    # Rank
    ~100 [D] rank
    0 anything else

    Alien Cubes
    Rank Becomes # Current probability
    [D] -> [D] 0 0%
    [D] -> [C] 2 100%
    [C] -> [C] 18 100%

    I had bad luck trying for B rank... All cubes were from mule accounts so I don't feel too disappointed I guess. In the end I kept 1%td. The best I saw was 2%att.

  17. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    Seems like Nubulite boxes are glitchable, so maybe stuff your inventory with garbage + a C-rank Nubulite and click until you either get one or go insane.

    For what that's worth. =_=

  18. Default Re: Nebulite Data

    That randomly crossed my mind when my Set-inventory got full of [D] ranked nebulites. But the sheer amount of clicking necessary to get them put off any will I would have had to do it. Not to mention that doing with a [C] ranked one would save you all of 1 cube...

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    Default Re: Nebulite Data

    I had a Rank D go to Rank C in one cube, and from C to B in one cube as well. 12 Cubes later on that B, it is still a B.

    All the boxes Ive opened so far have been D ranks, and its probably been around 150 opened.



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