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    So.. after the event which gave 10 free AP, I ended up at 200 with 5 spare AP which I can't put on DEX because it's maxed.

    Where should I put them? Is it wise to use them on HP?

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    Have enough STR? Put it in HP.
    Could use some STR, now or in the future? Put it in STR.
    Want to be an idiot, put it in INT, LUK or MP.

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    Well, my STR is 4, but I have enough to equip high level items. Guess I'll go for HP.


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    I'd have used it on STR. Technically, 4 str is equal to 1 DEX. Plus, if you have more than 7 base STR, MW 30 starts kicking in there too. It's marginal, but it's something.

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    Can I get some confirmation on this?

    I'd probably put it into HP. Helps for higher level bossing.

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    *Weapon Multiplier*[(4*Primary Stat)+Secondary Stat]*(Attack/100)*
    Secondary stats are worth 1/4 as much as your primary.

    Granted, it's a Basil post quoting from an unnamed link on SP, but I'm too lazy/tired to search up the original source.

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    Confirming, calculating my range from my stats clearly shows that the secondary stat is included as 1/4 of the main stat.



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