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  1. Default Another great way to get banned

    Got a one day ban for AFKing at Jesters for "using illegal programs or violating the game policy."

    I was training a character with my HS mule, then decided to go do Chryse quests for the glasses. I left my bishop AFK at the Jesters map for probably 2 or 3 hours. I looked over at my laptop and saw that MapleStory had closed, so I tried to log back in and crashed every time at the channel selection screen. Got the ban message when I used GameLauncher. I did some research and found out that there was a ban problem at chimney maps a while back that was supposedly fixed, so either Nexon never really fixed it or they reintroduced the glitch. So yeah. Don't AFK in chimney maps.

    I have a theory that I may have gotten banned due to a botter using some sort of full map attack hack with the Barrel Roll skill on the same map as me. There was one that kept CCing around while I was training there on my other character. Anyone know if this is possible?

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    Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    if he was attacking, you might have lagged which could cause your ban

  3. Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    Nexon has the BEST hack detection EVER!

  4. Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    I know, right?! Best way to keep legits from hacking!

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    Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    "Whaaaaaaa - how did it know I was thinking about hacking?!" - everyone who ever got autobanned falsely

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    It feels like nothing is too far-fetched to get falsely banned these days

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    Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    This happened about a week ago to me too, except I had asked in the map before himes. Got a lovely 2 day ban.

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    Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    ... I saw the thread title on main forum menu and read 'Another great way to get'... and guessed 'banned'.

    jeez, why'd I have to be right? Saddest part is, when i see those random 1 post wonders on forums going on about 'I got banned for doing nothing!!!1'... I no longer can just assume they're lying.

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    I decided to make some cannoneer mules today and got a one day auto ban for illegal programs too. I was doing jack just walking through the map. Didn't think much of it since well you know what the auto ban system is like. But perhaps it is a more common thing atm?

  10. Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    I've gotten 1 day autobans for doing these things:
    -Training at LHC(not glitched)
    -CCing to mine gold at Mu Lung/Herb town, got autobanned like that 3-4 times.
    -After training at ToT, I went to leafre to afk. Got autobanned there.
    -CCed at ElNath I forgot why. Then, I went to FM and afked alone. Got autobanned a few minutes later.
    -While walking to zak.
    -CCing in the hime map to try to find Crow.
    -Doing old Silent Crusade everyday for ambition, then afked at Ludibrium, and got autobanned.
    -CCing at Aqua to farm Rudolphs.
    -While afking on Ludi on mercedes.
    -Went on a my cannon shooter mule to check something there. After a minute, I got autobanned.
    -After winning a PvP match.

  11. Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    How do hackers avoid getting autobanned? Is there any way legit players could similarly bypass the autoban?

  12. Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    I have a theory that the reason hack-bots constantly change channel or go in and out of portals has to do with autoban avoidance.

    The last time I was banned a few days ago, it was for the 'illegal program' reason, and I had nothing running except the game, firefox and a text editor that use to load passwords. I was training in a mini-dungeon, so I can't blame hackers passing through my map/channel for that one.

    I've also got banned one time while afk on a safe platform, ie doing absolutely nothing.

    So far, all have been 1-day bans, but I'm getting worried that the theory that if you get x bans within y period they become month or permabans could be valid. Anybody know if that is true?
    Edit: Though Hellenzsin post makes that look doubtful.

  13. Default Re: Another great way to get banned

    I got a 30 day one for using Dragon Blink a lot of times getting herbs from Closed Area.



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