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Thread: Cell Phones!

  1. Default Cell Phones!

    So im trying to decide on what Cell-Phone i should get. The only previous phone i had was a stupid flip-phone from tracphone that you had to fill with minutes and was really poor quality.

    I'd like to hear people's opinions on what cell-phones they own currently. Maybe i can make a decent decision from that. I'd like one with unlimited talk/texting/data( Lol unlimited-data) If possible, in a touch-screen.

    So what phone do you all use and do you like it?

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 4S. The majority here prefer Android. If I moved from iPhone it would have to be to Windows Phone 7(or 8 upon arrival) though. And yes, I like my phone quite a bit, but I have a Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone. So they kind of all go nicely together.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    apple sucks post except for iPod classic goes here

    That first, and then, everyone and their mother has either an iPhone or an Android phone from 2.3.3 Gingerbread upwards. You should be able to afford those with a nice data plan.

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    I personally had to purchase a phone recently, I ended up getting a Droid bionic. The operating system is out of date but I personally enjoy the set up they have for the operating system. Expecting an update along with the tablets.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    If you don't care about the phone being "fancy" and just want it to work and do it's job solidly, I recommend getting a blueberry. Most newer versions come with a pretty good camera. I've had one for about a year now and it never failed me.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    I have a HTC Desire. The whole thing is one massive touch screen, i love it. It's really easy to use and customize too, the only problem i have with it is missing buttons while texting, but that's just because i'm too lazy to turn it sideways. (which increases the size of the keypad)

    I'm often browsing Southperry on it, the screen is massive so it's really good for it.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    I've had a Blackberry for the past two and a half years. It's treated me well, up until the past few months. I think the problems I have now with it, you wouldn't experience with a more up-to-date Blackberry.

    Though, in 12 days I'm upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S II (hopefully in White). Can'tpineappleingwait.

    My two cents.

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    This may sound really stupid, but are there any phones you recommend to first timers? I haven't owned a cell phone before but I can get one when my birthday comes :)

  9. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    THIS! Have the phone in white, and damn, so fast, so sleek, so light. Almost too light.. It's the slimmest smart phone outside of Japan, so if you like a bit of weight, get a case for it.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 from AT&T. Mine is black, but I saw a girl at McDonalds the other day with a white one.

    I got it about a year ago, at the time it was advertised to have the biggest screen on a smartphone currently available on the market. (Not sure if this is still true.)

    For the most part, I probably wouldn't recommend any AT&T phone - I've been with them for years and they have a tendency to add loads and loads of bloatware applications you can't uninstall without hacking the phone. They also like to disable some of the phones features for "security" reasons, which again, requires hacking to get around.

    As for the phone itself, I thought it was great when it was running Android 1.6. I've been having problems with it since AT&T finally released an update to Android 2.1, though. It randomly restarts itself every so often, and sometimes the interface lags really bad. It eventually gets to the point where the phone won't stay turned on long to accomplish anything before needing to just reflash the firmware onto it and start over--then it's okay for a few months. I don't know if this is a problem with AT&T's version of the firmware, the Xperia overall, or just a weird Android issue. I haven't been brave enough to try hacking my phone up to Android 2.3 to see if it would fix it. :(

    I have unlimited text and 2gb monthly of data... I've never even used 1gb of it. I don't think any carriers provide unlimited data for smartphones anymore. When I was looking into a new phone last year, though, AT&T did still allow unlimited data for their regular and "messaging" phones, but once it crossed the line into smartphone it was a no go. If I remember right, some of the "messaging" phones were still full touchscreen phones that could run on the 3G (maybe now 4G?) network, they just lacked the the smartphone operating system.

    (....I'm now wondering if it is possible to get one of those messaging phones with unlimited data, and then put the simcard into a smartphone?... they might be able to detect this. hm.)

  11. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    Why? Windows Phone really doesn't have as much support as I'd like personally.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    Honestly, I just don't feel like Android is as good as the iPhone. It's a poorly done copycat with a few enhancements here and there which I can easily remedy by jailbreaking. WP7 certainly has a different approach, and I rather like the live tiles. I think the biggest problem is the complete lack of customization, even less than the iPhone. I suppose I mostly care a lot about aesthetics in a phone, and the iPhone 4/4S and Lumia 800/900 are far superior to just about every piece of crap Android design.

    As far as support? You're absolutely right. Customer service, Apple is number one bar none. As far as apps and developers.. There are a few key apps I want on WP7 before I'd even consider switching. Alien Blue(the best Reddit client on any phone) and Grindr(gay social/hookup app) are two I'd need to have. You also can't really deny the best games and art applications always come to iOS before the rest if the others get them at all. Some people want to be pioneers or have something nobody else has, but that's just not me. I want something that already has everything I want. It's also convenient having the same thing as everyone in the sense that everyone can access the same applications and such. All three of my roommates and all of my close friends have iPhones, so it just works out better I feel.

  13. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    If you're getting an iPhone, just go for it... no matter what people say, its still a good phone..
    Meanwhile, if you're getting an android make sure to get one with good specs... because unlike iphones, theres the pomegranate android phones and then theres the good android phones. i highly recommend something high-end from HTC or Samsung.. as far as LG goes..... no thanks.
    Blackberries should be your last choice.

    @above its funny because i always thought that iphones are better than androids even before jailbreaking xD

  14. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    iPhone 4S, you know you want it. Why did you have to make this thread? Great camera, latest from apple (so everything's up to date unlike all those forgotten android phones that are still on firmware from 5 years ago), lots of freebies even without jailbreaking (popular applications go on sale often, even the free ones are good), easily identified by other people (so you can be all cool and hip like everyone else who has an iPhone). There is just so many things you can do with iPhones. Not that Android's bad, just that iPhones are better.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    This, a million times.

    And this. :( I have a pomegranate android with ancient firmware.

    I've toyed around with iPhones (old and new), Windows Phones, as well as one of the newer Droid models and they all pretty much made me want to throw my phone out in front of a bus.

    Definitely do a lot of research first if you decide on an Android.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    I personally like Android the best out of what I've tried. You really do have to do your research though before buying. Both me and my mom are running android but she has an older firmware on her Samsung and I'm running 2.3.3 on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.(Lovely phone btw even past the gamepad and whatnot)

    iPhone is okay... it's not my cup of tea though maybe jailbreaking it but I really wouldn't want to do that if I had one or hell even jailbreak my phone.(Unless they get the PSN working in the U.S. only Japan and Europe on the Play so far with jailbreaking) I'd rather not void my warranty if I can help it.

    The only phone OS I haven't tinkered with yet is Windows Phone but I'd like to at some point.

  17. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    This is a gorgeous phone. (Xperia S)

    It's not out yet but it will be quite soon. Another phone you might want to wait for would be the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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    Default Re: Cell Phones!

    I use a Nokia that looks like it's from the early 2000's. I never use it so its battery lasts forever

  19. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    Whatever you do, don't play the waiting game longer than you need to. If you do, you'll always be waiting for the next best thing. Phones these days go obsolete in like 6 months, or sometimes even less.

  20. Default Re: Cell Phones!

    Its true not to wait too long but this month and next month there will be quite a few new phones out.



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