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    I've been using a really bad TV for a really long time. I'm pretty frugal and don't like spending money if it's not an absolute necessity so I really haven't put much thought into upgrading, nor have I really researched or learned anything about TVs... ever. Unfortunately, video games are what's really putting me in this position as they are all in "high definition" now which makes everything look really damn small on my TV.

    So I'm hoping some of the denizens of Southperry can give me information crucial in purchasing a new TV. The list of things that I want or need is really short due to my lack of knowledge. Basically...

    HDMI cable compatible (so I can play in high def)
    Around 21". I don't have space in my cabinet for anything bigger lol.
    Cheap (like... less than $200 ideally. I'm not looking for state of the art, just something that works.)
    Reliable. I don't know what brands to trust anymore. Especially when I'm going cheap.

    I've been looking at an RCA 22" LED HDTV that's on sale at wal-mart for $150 right now but I'm not sure if RCA is any good.

    Also what's the difference between LED and LCD and which is better

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    LED is basically LCD but with a different method of lighting. I think it's supposed to be green (not using mercury or something like that in manufacturing) and power saving.

    I don't know about TVs but for the computer monitor market, $200- can get you quite a few solid monitors at that screen size. You can double that for computer use too if you're into frugal lifestyle.

    I haven't tried monitors with game consoles though so idk if it'll work, perhaps someone can testify.

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    They are really coming down in price all the time. When I worked at Wal-Mart, I did see a lot of returns of RCA TV's and monitors, so I would advise against getting one of those, there is a reason they are so cheap. Maybe get a monitor, 22" are pretty much standard for those now a days. Though, you'll have to dig deeper to find one that supports HDMI and is in your price range.

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    I use a TV-Monitor currently, and previously just a monitor with HDMI support for my PS3. It works perfectly fine, the TV-Monitor just has a remote with it though so you don't have to use those damn heat sensitive buttons for settings. I've always felt the best way to get a monitor or TV is to go see it at the store yourself and see the picture quality there, since most of the garbage written on the box is just that, garbage. I think Samsung, Sony, LG are good brands.

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    Sony will charge you approximately 20% more than the rest for no apparent reason. I could be biased, but their picture quality always does seem to be superior.

    Not really, there are lots of 23'' from good monitor brands for about $150 with all 3 popular flavors of connectors.



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