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Thread: Arkarium quests

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    I know you have to do the full silent crusade, but Is there anything else you need to do to fight Arkarium?

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    If I recall correctly, Rhinne should show up after you kill him and the portal to the left of the map takes you back to the present.

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    I have a glitch where after he talks to me about me disturbing the chant or something, he doesn't actually spawn. I just sit in the map forever with no way to leave other than DCing.

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    Just go back to the log in screen and pick another channel, it worked for me

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    Doing the same to me.
    Tried the disconnect/reconnect thing, and still nothing.

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    Try leaving party as well if you guys are in one. Make sure you're doing your quests alone seeing as killing the crusader quest bosses in expedition parties doesn't give you kill count.

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    I had the disappearing Arkarium issues too. Guildy told me not to glide through the last map, but walk instead on my DS.. Something about being too far over when the speech starts or some bull. Had to relog 4-5 times before it let me fight him



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