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Thread: [In Progress] February Gachapon Update

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    I lol'd. Way to misinterpret what it actually does rather than normal potential scrolls.

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    Dat chair.

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    I laughed more than I should have :(

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    Wait, so what exactly does that special potential scroll do?

    Southperry is infecting us all.

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    Yeah, that is truly the most absurd item description I've read in a while.
    And it's not like the item is worthless and they have to make up crap to hype it. Something like, "Tired of Potential Scrolls failing and destroying you valuable equipment? Use this to get potential on your gear, risk-free," would be accurate while also causing every mapler to want one - or a dozen - of these.

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    Edited it.

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    Daniel Chin (NXNeutral)
    Q) How did Nexon America begin and what exactly is Wizetís relationship to Nexon? What is Wizetís current status?
    A) Nexon America is Nexon Corporationís North American publishing and game service arm. We started with the localization of MapleStory for North America, and have grown to support multiple game launches in North America. Wizet is the developer of MapleStory and also a subsidiary of Nexon Corporation. The Wizet team continues to develop and add content to MapleStory around the world.

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    lol @ Nexon not knowing what their own scrolls do.

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    Wow, they sure convoluted the description for such a basic item that has been in the game for months.

    The Akyrum storychair is pretty luzly.

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    That bit has been on ever single pot scroll why is it such a big deal now. I can understand why its there normally when you use a scroll it takes a slot. Pointing out that potential scrolls don't waste a slot seems to be worth saying for those who haven't played the game or have never used one before.

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    Those earrings were a lot more awesome before they nerfed it. (8 all stats 20 m.att) >_> Considering normal earrings can be scrolled better, i'm not sure why they insist on shooting themselves in the foot with this all the time.



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