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    This is my first actual solo thread, so I'm hoping I place this right. If I didn't, I'm hoping it won't be too much of a hassle to move this to the appropriate forum for discussion. Now onto my question:

    Just recently about an hour ago, I logged off for a second to switch characters and in doing so I d/c'ed. When I relaunched the game and attempted to log in, it told me that I was either still logged in, or that the server was under maintenance or what-have-you. Realizing the second option wasn't true, I logged onto a spare account to try to /find myself and hopefully watch myself d/c in the process. Instead I hit a really strange thing that I've never encountered before.

    On ch's 2-13, when I /find myself, it was I'm on ch1. Great, so I cc to ch1, only, when I try to /find myself on ch1, it says I can't be found. So my question is, is there some sort of fix for this? I've already tried relogging on the website, shutting down any other applications, and using gamelauncher from the Nexon folder, none of which seemed to work. It would just be so fantastic if somebody was familiar with this and knew what to do. :(

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    Thread Location: correct, technically since it IS a question about something that occurs in MS. But the "Technical Help" forum is most appropriate. Don't worry about it though. No one's gonna make a big deal.... because it isn't :D
    Specified Problem: occurs often when you get DCd via map crashers, though is not the only case where it happens. Sadly, sometimes it just happens. Only time will fix the problem. I take advantage of the time to shut down my computer and let it rest for 10, maybe 20, minutes... that way it runs much better once I can actually get back in to the game.

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    Thank you! Duly noted! That's really lame. :l I always shut my computer down for an hour in the morning to let it rest and cool off. It's been almost ninety minutes now, to no avail. Unless anybody has an alternate explanation, I guess that answers my problem, thank you.



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