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    I wanted to try soloing crockies on my 118 Mercedes but when I got to LHC the gate was raised and I couldn't get in. Does anyone know why this is? I've been told the level limit is 110 which I clearly exceed so... what's up.

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    Default Re: LHC Gate

    I haven't walked to LHC in eons, but isn't the gate always halfway up with a chain dangling down that you can climb?

  3. Default Re: LHC Gate

    Haaahaha, really?

    I'll check, but that would probably explain my issue. I typically avoid LHC like the plague for obvious reasons.

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    It's okay, I thought the same thing on my 17x BM when LHC first came out.

  5. Default Re: LHC Gate

    Oh karen... (;
    I feel so mean right now.

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    First (and only) time I went to LHC, I didn't notice the chain and thought my demon slayer (specifically) had to double jump to get in... only after did I notice the chain.



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