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    With all these new rings coming out I'm starting to wonder if it's worth sticking with an explorer's critical ring as a 4th job Aran versus something with better stats. Granted, my best alternative would be an Angelic Blessing, but does explorer's critical ring beat out the evolving rings or a good alternative like a White Angelic Blessing damage wise, or is that totally dependent on your class/stats/RNG?

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    Generally, +10% crit > +5/10/12 Att

    You can't compare the crit ring to evos or angelic blessings.

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    People underestimate the power of 5/10% Crit.
    I have the Explorer Gratias Ring on my Demon Slayer and the chances of me replacing that ring are extremely slim as 5% Crit is a huge DPS / DPM boost.

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    So, right now (or in a few days at least) the best setup would be...

    Evolving Ring I Lv. 17
    Evolving Ring II Lv. 17
    Evolving Ring III Lv. 10
    Explorer's Critical Ring (for melee) / Magical Ring (for mages)

    Of course, assuming the eventual glitch where you can equip multiple Evolving Ring IIIs gets eventually patched.

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    The Critical Ring is a lot better for mages as well.

    DABR/WABR replaces Evo Ring I or II along with the potentialed rings.

    Current best setup for warriors (or is it demon slayer only?):

    Potentialed Almighty Ring
    Potentialed Dragon Ring
    Explorer's Critical Ring

    Current best setup for everyone else:

    Potentialed Almighty Ring
    Evo Ring III
    Explorer's Critical Ring

    For average players:

    Evolving Ring I Lv. 17
    Evolving Ring II Lv. 17
    Evolving Ring III Lv. 10
    Explorer's Critical Ring

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    The Evo III lv.10 is better than crit ring for some of my adventurers, narf about 200 w.atk + 8 -> 4% increase, 60% crit + 10% crit -> 3.6% increase in damage. (that's discounting the 10 stats entirely, which is unfair, but does include the 2 atk on the crit ring)

    If you're in godly tier 300+ watk etc. then the crit ring might be better again.

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    what a silly statement

    of course you can compare them, convert the stats each one provides to a total damage % increase

    crit ring is around 4~5% total increase on most people, more static and class dependent (because crit damage modifiers are usually on skills)
    evo 3 is probably 4~6% total increase, more variable and level/equip dependent (high attack and high base stat weaken it relatively)

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    It's funny how you list this as "For AVERAGE Players", considering like 90-95% of the funded playerbase is going to be using this setup.

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    Since the TS's job was Aran with a minimum %crit damage increase (further buffed in Union), I assumed that the crit ring would be much more beneficial with +%crit chance against +5/10 wea att (given previous damage comparison arguments with rings such as Critical Ring VS Magical Ring) so there was no comparison between the two.

    But I'll take back my previous statement.

    That was my point given LG's best setup response.

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    For what it's worth, my weapon attack is probably disproportionally high compared to my strength. I've got 1163 strength and a 22125-24583 damage range as a level 156 dexless Aran. I've also only got 13% strength and I can't imagine that value going up much in the near future, if that helps with theorycrafting any.

    tl;dr: My stuff's not bad, but it's nothing compared to a funded (cubed) player.

    Also, since I'm an Aran, does my decision have anything to do with whether or not I'm killing things where I'll have a certain combo count? I imagine in LHC/bossing my combo count will be at 100 or higher most of the time, but when I'm just killing random things it'll rarely go above 30.

    EDIT: Adding it up, I have 249 weapon attack. Assuming we get the cross hunter changes and I have a combo count of 100, my weapon attack will be 304 self-buffed and I'll have a 70% crit chance with the explorer ring. Also, my weapon attack would be 309 instead of 304 assuming I swapped out my angelic blessing for evo ring 3 (which I'm definitely going to do unless my critical ring somehow underperforms angelic blessing).



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