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    How do you get them exactly? Supposeldly you get one at level 30 charm and other at level 35, my Mercedes didn't got it at 30, and now that I've reached 35 charm I'm getting no emoticon either. Is there a quest to do?

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    You need to unlock the Pocket Item slot first before getting facial expression quests, if I'm not mistaken.

    :v As far as I know, this is just one quest, and it's for the lvl 30 facial expression. Though, I'm not sure if you need to do Kerning Square's quests, as a pre-requisite.

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    There are quests you have to do. Most or all are from kerning shopping mall place iirc

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    Lana will give you the facial expression quests in Kerning Square.

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    A quest for every 5 levels. They get increasingly annoying each time. 500 bananas from lupins? 600 stones from stone golems? ....

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    Bribe the noobs on ch1 henesys/ellinia. "Ill pay you 1m for every 200 etc items you get for me".

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    Seems like more trouble that way lol.

    One good thing about these quests though... They don't actually take the etc items when you hand them in. So if you have a buddy that's around your charm level you guys can share the quest items.

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    They fixed that, I think. When I did the facial expressions on my BM it took the etc.

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    I did the lv60 quest last night and lv55 quest about a week ago and they didn't take the items away. So it might vary quest to quest I guess.

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    cant figure out how to USE the expressions once we finally have them?


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    They're in the cash inventory.
    Assign to keyboard.

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    I'm not getting any quests from Lana... or do I have to do the whole Blake quest chain first? ;_;

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    What level is your Charm?

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    34 o_O. I forfeited anything to do with the KSQ quests but still no dice.

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    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
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    Did you do the pocket slot quest?

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