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  1. Default Unhellbaned BUT...

    I disconnect immediately still after clicking storage and I'm not back on the rankings...

    I knew they'd mess things up.
    Anyone else encountering the same problem?

    EDIT: Upon relogging after crashing from storage I find I'm hellbanned again. Thanks a pineappleing lot Nexon.

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    same problem, dunno if it's jus specific towns though; didnt have trouble on my dw

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    I would so rage quit if I was ever hellbanned.

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    I was just walking around, tra la la la, exploring the new NPCs, when suddenly, BAM! I was violently disconnected and the game crashed. I logged back in and found out I couldn't drop or trade anything.

    I could drop and trade stuff before the game crashing. I don't know what triggered the trash, I was just walking around, didn't really click any of the New Year NPCs.

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    pineapple, i think im re-hell banned after logging in again

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    Well, my power was successful again

    Pretty much I just rant, peach, complain, etc in alliance and buddy chat about issues. I claim I'm going to quit and/or start hacking etc etc etc.
    Usually within 2 hours there's an USC and I end up continue playing.

    I did it for a USC back in like Sept/Oct, I did it for the Familiar USC, and I just did it for this one (Including "Giving away all my items. Come to.. Ohwait I'M HELLBANNED").

    You think someone is monitoring my text and is like "OH pomegranate TOASTER IS RAGING AGAIN QUICKLY FIX THE SERVERS!!!"?

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    It seems that I have found the cause of the 'hellbans';

    Oh Nexon.

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    Lol oh god. We are all so screwed. First they tell me on my mercedes that I'm "not high enough to use this skill" now they are telling me we can't trade mesos. How the hell am I supposed to pick up if all my dealer wants to get paid in is mesos!?



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