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  1. Cash3 6 suspects arrested for beating up Chicago kid

    6 of the guys got caught, they identified and are looking for the other 2. the victim (who was also robbed) was able to run to a hospital and is ok.


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    Man, first, Now this? I think there needs to be an intervention of some sort. Kids these days are getting progressively dumber and meaner.

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    It's the same case.
    Unless i misunderstood you.

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    It's confusing because originally it was an old guy, not a fellow student but I believe it is the same story.

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    From the video It was a fellow student.
    And of course they got arrested, not like they tried to hide it. They pineappleing filmed it for pineapples sake. HOW STUPID CAN SOMEONE GET?

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    aww, poor kids... not!

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    I'm just glad the victim's okay. As for the morons who thought it'd be cool and tough to upload a video of themselves on Youtube, I hope they like prison food. And penis.



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