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  1. Default When do we get Lv.120-140 Dual Bowguns? (Von Leon, PVP & Cygnus)

    At the moment they don't appear in neither of the said listings; not in Murts store and not in the PVP Recipe store.
    Do we have a lead of when it will be added into the game?

    @KMS-ers, maybe?


    I figured it was more of a complex question to fit in the Q&A, but I might be wrong, sorry
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    lvl 125 dual bow gun recipe (Abys Blooms) drops from mutant mushrooms, but i have yet to find one. havnt really heard anything on these new Von leon ones or the PVP dual bowgun

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    Thanks D:
    Now that I look up Bow attack weapons, I see that the Lv.140 Bow (Bows have the same ATT as Dual Bowguns) is 128ATT, 35DEX which is insane, I think I better just hold off on scrolling one until we can get one of those, but when will it become available? Or is it already?

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    Pretty sure they're out already unless I'm mistaking them with the Reverse version.

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    Just kill Empress Cygnus and hope it drops. -trollface-
    You will also have an abysmaly small chance to get one come this saturday and the Hot time event.

    Level 120 Reverse becomes level 125 Abyss.
    Level 120 Timless becomes level 125 Fearless.
    Level 140 weapons drop from Empress Cygnus, came from the Music box event, and will be given out during the next hot time.

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    So you're saying that have already implanted the Lv.140 Dual Bowgun in-game?
    EDIT: Yeah I just googled "Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns", seems like they do exist, though I havn't seen any actual posts by users showing it, so.. o_o
    I'm not quite sure I'm on the same page with you regarding the "120 Reverse -> Abyss, Timeless-> Fearless", what is this all about? o-o


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    All 140 weapons are out, dropped by Empress Cygnus. However, the reason some of us already have 140 weps is because of Music Box event, but those did NOT give out Kataras, Dual Bowguns or Hand Cannons. The boss has never been defeated in GMS so that's why you have not seen any of those. The hot time event will give them out though, but only like a total of 1 of each weapon all across the servers.

    As for the lvl 120 and 125 weapons. To craft an Abyss weapon, you need the recipe and a Reverse version of the weapon, To craft a Fearless weapon you need the recipe and the Timeless version. For example: To make an Abyss Lampion, you need the Abyss Lampion recipe as well as a Reverse Lampion. To make a Fearless Katara you need the Fearless Katara recipe and a Timeless Katara. You also need a few other crafting ETC like Chaos Fragments, Primal Essence and Philosopher's stone.

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    Dropped only by Cygnus (Jumbo Primary Ribbon), pretty much confirmation that it has been killed.

    But yeah, they are in-game. Whether or not anyone has them is another story.

  9. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    That ribbon came from hero boxes

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    Got a screenshot?

  11. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    The guy who posted it said so.
    I don't have proof past that.

  12. Neon Atom Gay Male
    IGN: VVindswept
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 210
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Memento
    Alliance: Christmas


    If Empress was defeated in the game, it wasn't done legitly...even if that were the case, no one has yet to get a lvl 140 bowgun and if they are they are being VERY secretive about it (I highly doubt this is the case).

    As I stated in another thread when the music box event started, I have a feeling that the lvl 140 katara, hand cannon, and dual bowgun are in our data, but they were never released, at least not to come out in the boxes (whether Empress drops them is another story that I won't believe until I see a SS of one of them). I also think this is the same scenario with the Abyss bowgun and hand cannon recipes...with all the hackers at future hene, you would think one of them would've found one by now but I have yet to see one pop up.

    I just decided to cut my losses and scroll a Reverse Bowgun, that and I like the way they look...if I ever get my hands on a lvl 140 bowgun I'll use those, but if they never do, I have my weapon set :)

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
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    Alliance: Fatal


    Brb, obtaining an SS of an impossible scenario...

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    Thanks for the info. I came back a day after Mercedes was introduced (was inactive for a while beforehand) so I wasn't familiar with everything you just said, and being in Kradia sure doesn't help.

    I was hoping the recent Hot Time event would at least make the Lv.140 DBG available for purchase, but I'm still having troubles finding a guy who has obtained it S:

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    Lv 130 Katara recipes drop (I have 9), but I don't know if any other lvl 130 weapon recipes drop. Didn't see any in a brief search of monster book.

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    Only level 130 katara and shield recipes drop, the rest is PvP (or events) only. Abyss recipes should drop from normal mobs according to monster book but so far I have yet to see any, and Fearless recipes drop from PB and/or Empress.

  17. Neon Atom Gay Male
    IGN: VVindswept
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 210
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Memento
    Alliance: Christmas


    If your profession is Smithing, you can get the lvl 130 recipes from secret recipes too (whether you get them from events or exchanging emblems for them at the pvp NPC).

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    I don't think anyone received the 140 weapons from Hot Time.

    So there's currently no 140 dual bowguns, kataras, or cannons available.

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    That's right, yes.

  20. Default Re: When do we get Lv.120-140 Dual Bowguns? (Von Leon, PVP & Cygnus)

    A lot of bad information in here.

    ~Empress has been killed, many times, in all servers. The expedition members just get kicked because it's glitched, so you can't remain in the map to loot the drops unless you're using 3rd Party programs.

    ~Most of the Level 140 Weapons have been obtained from the Musical Gachapon Box event from awhile back. Level 140 Cannons and Dual Bowguns were not available from those boxes.

    ~Level 140 weapons are not available from Gachapon currently.

    ~Level 140 Dual Bowguns do exist in a few servers. Only a select number of people have them, because they are by far the most expensive of all (8 were sold in Bera for 20b each from one guy who duped one he received from Hot Time. It was completely average stats)

    ~With there being Falcon Sent Bowguns in a few servers, I'm sure the Firepower Level 140 Cannon is floating around somewhere as well.

    If you want Screens of the Falcon Sent Bowguns, give me a bit.



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