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  • Detective (vanilla, easy)

    1 9.09%
  • Detective (Hard Mode)

    1 9.09%
  • Mafia (Vanilla, easy)

    1 9.09%
  • Mafia (Hard Mode)

    3 27.27%
  • RNG IT!!!!!

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  • 1 DON'T C4R3

    5 45.45%
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  1. Default TH3 BL1ND 1NV3ST1G4T1ON! : 3P 1: TH3 BLOODY MURD3R

    The game is Hard Mode Mafia lads. Roles will be Distributed Wed. at 6PM Central Standard Time.

    le Rules

    1- Every player will be assigned a role[s]. Posting your role PM or a screenshot of any conversation related to the game is grounds for an automatic godkill.

    2- The game rounds will cycle between day and night and will continue until one side is declared the winner.

    3- The game will begin on Day 0. Certain abilities may not work on Day/Night 0. Lynching will begin on Day 1.

    4- All votes must be bolded. If you wish to remove a vote, unbold your previous vote. In the event that a vote ends in a tie... Someone may/may not die! If someone has two votes bolded, the first vote applies. If no one votes, a random person will be lynched.

    5- The option of "no-lynch" will be an acceptable form of voting during the day period yet it does not matter because someone may/may not die. It counts as a player, in that if it gets majority or has the most votes at the end of the day, it happens or maybe not!

    6- There will be no IRC discussion period, unless prompted. All muttering,unless prompted, will be in the Discussion thread.

    7- Players may not communicate with each other privately about the game, unless they are specifically told they are allowed. If you are dead, you are not allowed to post in the gameplay thread. There will be a discussion thread that all players are allowed to talk in, dead or otherwise. Dead players are forcefully advised not to comment in a way that affects gameplay.

    8- There are, and aren't abilities in this game. In this game we will deal with good ol' hard cash. The amount you have will be hidden unless prompted to.

    9- If you have any questions about your role, or about the game, or have any comments/concerns, you may PM me.

    10- Do not take screenshots of stuff in the game.

    11- If anyone breaks any of these rules, that person will be killed by me or Keith.

    12- Flavor posting is not required but is highly encouraged.

    13- Actions should be sent to me alone. Keith is a referee god.

    14- Southperry is in the Northern Hemisphere, during the winter time.

    15- All for one and one for all? Is it really for all or one?

    16-MONEY CAN BE GIVEN, TRADES, OR EVEN EARNED. Things will be bought at night, That will be your night action. You may/may not be allowed due to your role to buy at Night. All purchases must be pmed to me with your total bank left. If you go over, unforseen things may or may not happen. These events may be good or bad. Though all money transactions go through me.

    17- I can add any rule as I deem necessary to balance the game due to unforseen issues. Like if you papayagots start a drug trade without me knowing. Now that would be dirty.

    Rules taken from the "Doctor Who mafia rules" edited to my liking.

    Rules are not final and may or may not be changed before Tuesday at 6 PM Central Standard Time.
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  2. Default

    Out of curiosity, how do you distinguish between mafia being hard or easy. Given the fact that the game involves town vs. mafia, if the game is harder on one faction then it is bound to be easier on the other. Also please have some people sign up as replacements as there are bound to be drop-outs with four games being played.

  3. Default

    "Hard mode" probably means more complex roles and set-ups, which would make the game possibly more chaotic and brain heavy.

  4. Default

    Got a winner~

  5. Default

    Oh okay. Thanks for answering.

    I have an opinion on that, but I'll save it for later.

  6. Default

    Anything works for me. But if HARD MODE involves time traveling, I'm so voting for that.

  7. Certified Pimento Bi Male
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    Give me hard mode or give me death!

    Also never played detective so i want to try that one first.

  8. Default

    Vanilla games are generally more balanced and thus rely more on player skill than on random luck. Therefore they are harder games of sorts.
    I still prefer the more random ones if well done. Relying on player activity when SP is known for INactivity makes the games kind of sad.

  9. Default

    Wait can I change my vote from 1 DON'T C4R3 to Mafia Hard Mode?

  10. Default


  11. Default

    Can't you enable the "change your vote" thingy?

    Also, I'm very excited for this, but I won't be able to dedicate much to the game before next Thursday (01/12). When would it be starting?

  12. Default

    Either Monday or Wednesday. I'm feeling Wednesday because I had an Idea in the past 8 hours. I think you all will like.


  14. Default

    This is confusing, what happens in a tie?

    Also, so many "may or may not" =D I'm excited!

  15. Default

    That's good, cause there are more may or may not's and more rules.

  16. Default

    Oh boy mafia. Also, for rule number 4 (and I guess other rules with maybes) I'm assuming that it means that someone dies unless prevented by a role? Not just arbitrarily deciding whether or not a tie results in a lynch.

  17. Default

    Yes, and as I posted, purchased items may/may not save that person from Lynch.



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