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  1. Default Justice revamp skill shuffle?

    Here's a question for those who play KMS (specifically if you play a shadower, but i guess others would like to know for their class too).

    With all the new skills in 4th job, I'm wondering which skills changed into the new ones? During the Jump revamp for example, Achilles for Dark Knights turned into Dark Impale. And since i'm out of usefull skills to put sp in, I'm trying to find out which skills I should get the mastery books for.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We don't fully know because of no english players high level enough to tell us. This question is asked constantly and it never stops because of this.

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    If only someone knew what skill IDs in the data were changed to the new ones... Like I have suggested since it all started...

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    Fiel doesn't have a bat signal. PM him with your troubles.

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    Ah, I see...
    Well I guess I'll just have to wait and see in that case.
    Didn't know this question had been asked before, used the search button and it did'n't bring anything up ;)
    Thanks for taking to time to enlighten me on the issue anyways.

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    I just didn't want to annoy him, since he seems busy with all his other stuff, and I know other people read the data like a newspaper.

    But I guess I'll send that now.

    Hey there, Fiel. You now know what I mean, don't you?

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    I'm just surprised you didn't do it in the first place since you constantly have been told "we don't know" and it's obviously important to you.

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    There are several reasons why I don't post these:

    (1) It requires that I have a version of the game before the revamp begins and after the revamp is over. Given that Maplestory is in a constant revamp stage it seems, there's never really a time when I can compare before and after.
    (2) Does Nexon screw people over for not knowing this information? What advantage is served by getting this information?

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    1) Using currently cheap mastery books so as not to need mastery books that are a small to large fortune after the revamp. Ie. saving players money.
    2) Result of #2: Slightly less demand for new mastery books after revamp.
    3) Lets people hoard. Ie. making players money.

    Books are a hated system pretty much unanimously so this information makes the entire ordeal of revamps extremely less stressful for basically everyone.

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    Oh, so the desired information is about which BOOKS stay the same and change? I thought Alloy was looking for skills. Books are a bit easier.

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    No i'm sure he wants to know what skills change. The skills that change determine the books that should be used/hoarded.

    I don't know if any books actually change because of that book exchange event (give an old skill book to get one for an existing skill) but that might be an indication towards answering what skills were changed.

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    I was under the impression each skill had its own ID, too. If not all skills had their ID unused, that'd mean the skills sharing the same ID will share the same books passed.

    For example, if shadow stars had ID 1234, and I passed that book, then if skill "B" had ID 1234 too, it'd have that book passed too.

    Of course, this is speculation, since maybe there's completely new IDs for all, or maybe they are reused. But nobody cleared that up, so I was just wondering if this was the case. I only know the basics, can't read the data, and don't even have access to it.

    But if we knew, we'd know what books we could attempt to pass even before the update itself.

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    Books only change when book X is used by no other class and gets deleted that book will then change into the new book for. An example would be adv final attack on the warrior side Achilles was deleted from two of the warriors but pallys still have it so no Achilles books will become adv final attack. However a bowmaster book that was used only by them that book changed into adv final attack.

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    Well, if you could provide info on the books in the event, like which old books you can trade in for which new ones?
    That would pretty much answer my question and help me prepare for the revamp.

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    Pretty sure that information is server sided. I can look into the books, though.

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    People who are not able to make it to the Hot Time events may have a screwed up build after the change too.

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    Also, you do have a version before the revamp and a version after. The version before is GMS itself. If the skill IDs remain the same between GMS and KMS, there's a pattern to follow.

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    Nonsense. There's Akyrum, Union, and Justice.

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    Also Fiel, can you find what each corsair book changes into? Would be appreciated.

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    Yeah, but thieves and pirates shouldn't have the IDs changed in any update until then. Since there were no changes at all. If anything the Cygnus variants, but then again, those don't really have books to pass...



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