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    Default About Phantom storyline

    Looking back I remember reading somewhere (Spadows blog?) that Nexon had told that there would be only 2 "Legends". Other 3 are successors of the old Legends. After 3 released Legends you were able to safely say that the 2 legends who survived were Aran and Mercedes.

    So then you would have to think that Phantom is the successor of the original thief legend, right? In that case his storyline doesn't fit it.

    Not only is it weird that he used to be a famous thief, meaning he would have to be quite old, he also knew the previous empress and in the maple anime Althena and Mercedes act like "omgosh Phantom is back". So he must've been then fighting against the black mage? Then how did a mere human survive all those years if he wasn't frozen up like Aran?

    If he's a successor...Then who's the original thief hero? I haven't seen an npc, what so ever.

    Enlighten me

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    He's the original.
    I'd like to know where you found this, personally it doesn't seem right.

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    I don't remember reading that o.o

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    was wondering the same thing. but in the promo vid, he promised freed that they would fight the black mage, so we can only assume phantom was frozen too since he too fought alongside the heroes.

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    He was frozen. In the beginning of the tutorial, that's when he first wakes up, and his butler Alfred tells him "Great timing!" and then he reveals himself for the first time at the Ereb conference.

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    It's like a reverse Mercedes: All of his servants are apparently awake before he is.

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    Why would his servants be frozen in the first place?
    And if they weren't... have their descendants been watching over Phantom's resting place for hundreds of years?

    If so, that's pretty cool.

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    If that's so then that would make sense as to why only Mercedes and Athena, who are the only ones who would have seen him back then, would go all fangirl.

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    Maybe the curse spreaded like how Mercedes did and reached his airship.

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    The fangirl thing was probably just for emphasis of the surprise turnaround of the conference.

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    I still really think that Phantom just used his "Beam me up, scotty" skill and went back to his ship, and essentially entered cryogenic sleep. I'd bet that's how Mercedes did it as well, but, being a woman, she didn't realize how to not freeze the rest of her people.
    Some of his crew are pretty old, but they could just be of races with long lives, or have been blessed with longevity by Aria, who, as Empress, doesn't age (visibly) either.

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    I'm pretty sure the curse spreads like wildfire, hence Mercedes locking Elluel, Rien being all snowy and Afriend resting on an iceberg.

    Also, inb4 the pirate legend is the real cause behind El Nath being all snowy.

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    Aria died during the first war against the Black Mage. That's the very reason that motivates Phantom to fight for the maple world

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    General Hilla presumably killed her. They had a meeting before the actual fight with the heroes. When Aria was killed, thats when Mr. Pimp decided to help.



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