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Thread: 12 atk pac

  1. Default 12 atk pac

    Credit to DarkSolace from Sleepywood

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    Holy Pineappling Shyt! Thats 1 godly cape
    Me wantz

    EDIT: Fiel is Satan, he gots 666 posts
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    Go go Chaos scrolls!

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    I wonder how many more high atk PAC's we will be seeing now thanks to this event.

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    Someone has balls, chaos'ing the 3rd, 4th and 5th slot like that.

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    Makes you wonder what kind of cape this person has if he's selling that one...

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    ^ He probably has a weaker's not bad logic to sell the stronger of two items if the stronger one is worth way more than the weaker one.

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    Tops the 11 atk one from before. =P

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    Yeah, Yeah, that's the "power" you get when you -buy- your way into succes in Maplestory these days...

    I wonder how much money he wasted in buying all those chaos scrolls / pacs... :')

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    Holy crapballs. I wish I had that kind of money.

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    To be honest, this is the epitome of why I am liking Maple less and less.

    Before dark scrolls, my ranger friend had a 106 att arund, at the time practically the godliest on the server. Then dark scrolls came out, and it's $hit. Now it's like 114 att bow that's godly. Then white scrolls come out, and now THAT's obsolete. Then chaos scrolls come out and we have 5 att facestompers floating around.

    Now Chaos Scrolls are dropping like a hooker's panties at a frat party, and we have THIS. Jesus Christ.

    My favorite Maple days were pre-2x when I Ludi PQed on my nib. No pink capes, no 15 att wgs, no fs or 117 spears, just nibs having fun while occasionally lvling. I miss what Maple used to be.

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    12 atk isn't pro anymore f3

    L> ss of 15 atk +

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    That's the horrible thing, I was considering making a PQ-only nib, and then realized I'd want to fully HP wash it.

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    Generally, internet status is usually measured in something quantifiable. (post counts, damage range, equips etc.) It's how you can be 'better' than someone else since you aren't actually face to face. Not like real life where you can judge someone based on abstract things like personality. So yeah, stats and post counts is important. Everyone wants status in someway. Otherwise, so many people wouldn't be going to college.

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    Just about everything becomes obsolete eventually. Where would maple be if we never had anything new. Being able to become stronger is just another way to have fun on MS. Why is it such a big deal to make new ways to improve your character?

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    Its not in general. But it gets annoying when people get so caught up on stats that they actually ridicule someone for having an equip with 1 less stat point than what they have. Like it makes that much of a difference damage wise.

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    Too bad these aren't a dime per dozen.

    Wonder what the initial start value was.



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