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  1. Default Oh look, someone invented Cold Fusion (again)

    Prepare for the next wave of free energy scam failure disappointment.
    (or a glorious new future!)

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    Well, here's hoping it pans out.

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    I won't hold my breath, but it sounds cool.

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    While one can hope, I find it unlikely. The holders of energy in the world would do all they could to keep something like this from seeing light. Not to mention the complete lack of any kind of scientifically credible documentation presented. Guess we'll see though.

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    No, I posted the disproval/rebuttal of that first one already.

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    My biggest concern is about getting the two materials... If Hidrogen gets totally used up, we are pineappleed.

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    Thank you. Haha.

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    Is that the term for hydrogen that's high?

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    In Astrophysics, people call it energetic hydrogen atoms, but yes, you grasp the concept!

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    Well hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and with good reason. It's the main thing that came out of the Big Bang.

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    They have a lot more power than people give them credit for. Over the years I've heard various stories of people peaching about losing an energy related job where, if I looked into it further later, I found the root of it was usually some Middle Eastern oil tycoon or the coal industry. Ever heard of the project to install widespread oil fields in a few midwest states here in the US? I didn't either until one of my teachers in college who was a project manager for it told me the story; apparently they set up the entire operation, complete with millions of dollars in various utilities such as portable toilets/temp housing/trucks for supplies, then the head guy got a letter from some oil field owner in Saudi Arabia and suddenly the entire thing fell apart, he ordered the entire thing to disperse immediately, after over 2 years of setting up. I'm sure his pockets were significantly heavier after that, too. Apparently, the plan HAD been to extract oil directly from the soil in certain flatlands that had been found to be very rich in it (I believe it was a different process than fracking, but again, the development was completely canned). So, technically that would mean we still potentially have billions of dollars in oil just sitting around in the midwest unused because of this deal.

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    I'm foolishly hoping that the next thing human kind does is take advantage of solar energy, rather than using the oil we so desperatly need.

    But too much money on it, so perhaps till the last moment it happens. Oh well, back to dreaming of a bright future.

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    Yea, I'd say. Hydrogen is only the most abundant element like.. ever.

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    I wish everyone thought like you.

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    The holders of money in oil don't want people to turn to solar, so they're blocking that as much as they can.

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    If there was some kind of invention that made Oil based products/fuel useless then... My country would be so Piss Dirt Poor that it would not even be funny, pomegranatety country only depends on pomegranatety oil revenue without any interest in other markets >.>

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    It's not that easy, solar energy doesn't work at night or on cloudy days and electrical power has to be generated at the same time it's consumed (same logic goes to eolic).
    Not to mention you can't fill the your car's tank with sunlight.



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