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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.403] Sports Day

  1. Default [1.2.403] Sports Day

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    Other Changes:
    - Looks like you have have 6 people in your shop now if the images don't lie.
    - Revamps of PQs (Pyramid, Ghost Ship)




    Patch Notes (Thanks iAmFear)

  2. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: Akusaria
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: Nuclear
    Alliance: NuclearHonor


    운동회 우승팀 하의
    Pants - All Classes
    Set: (#58) 운동회 우승팀 세트
    Req Level: 75
    STR: +1
    DEX: +1
    INT: +1
    LUK: +1
    WDEF: +60
    MDEF: +60
    7 slots

    Critical Bonus:
    Req Level - 120
    Probability - +5%

    Decent HB pants for everyone!

  3. Default

    Some interesting looking scrolls there. Wonder how long it will be before they make it to GMS.

  4. Lead Ball
    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari


    Just noticed too, too bad it's untradeable.

  5. Default

    -was sipping hot green tea-

    운동회의 요정 웡키
    "역시 운동을 하고나면 맛있는 걸 먹어줘야해!"
    "이 세상에는 맛있는 것들이 왜 이렇게 많은 걸까?"
    "운동회다! 맛있는 것을 먹을 수 있는 기회도 그만큼 많겠지? 기대되는걸..."

    -spits the tea over the whole desktop-

  6. Default

    Hmm there's a chaos mode now:

    Oh also you need 4 people in order to participate in the pyramid pq now

  7. Default

    Lol... if after 3 weeks with no updates, this is what KMS is testing, I am starting to really believe there wont be Thief and Pirate updates

  8. Default

    Crow hair?
    Also, Not a very interesting patch.

    Thief / Pirate revamp next patch please!

  9. Default

    Ditto... except it wasn't tea... I just had dinner... (note my time of post...)


  10. Default

    "3. Your cheering is for pomegranate eventis in progress.

    - 10 levels to 100 levels from the various equipment and consumer items for a certain level, etc. are supported.

    - Cassandra is in possession of that item if your cheering is for pomegranate Cow30 minutes on the hunt for useful buffs

    Can get."

    I lol'd. At least we can agree with Nexon on one thing.

  11. Default

    2성 장비강화 주문서
    #c업그레이드가 끝난 장비 아이템#을 2성 단계로 강화시킨다.\n강화 실패 시 아이템 파괴\n\n#c[강화 성공확률] 80%#
    Sale price: 1 meso
    Success rate: 80%
    Cursed rate: 50%

    It says the item is destroyed when failed, but why should the scroll has a cursed rate of 50%?

  12. Default

    How's the game difficulty between Hell and Chaos?

    Either they haven't started on it or the thief and pirate revamp will have the flashiest/op skills yet.

  13. Default

    Ditto'd that question.

    Also, what is "Sports Day?" Event, that's what I see, but what kinda? I see there is an entire equip set of sport items. +24 Allstat plus some other bonuses.

    Nexon, why so awesome? :D

  14. Meme Oppressor Bi Transgender - Female to Male
    IGN: AyakoChan
    Server: E. Luna
    Level: 209
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: Labyrinth
    Alliance: Labylicious
    Farm: Youjo


    I could not stop laughing at Wonky XD
    I always knew there was going to be a male NPC wearing a skirt XD

  15. Default

    Hmmm... Doesn't seem like a whole lot, is this some sort of event? Or maybe a new PQ? Even though I don't have a pirate or thief I really want a revamp for them just so people can stop complaining.

  16. Default

    Eugh, why should Pyramid PQ require 4 people...

    Just more events, again. *sigh*

  17. Default

    Coolio xP haven't done PyPQ for a good while, would be nice to do it again.

    Is it anymore interesting? Or do you still stand there and kill over and over for 3mins straight?

    And Ghost Ship PQ was fun =o can't wait to try it post-change.

  18. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis


    it won't stop the complaining, it will just change the complaints

  19. Default

    tespians, ahoy!
    could one of you tell me how to get 20% slating scrolls?
    I've been waiting for those for 2 months now.



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