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Thread: [Movies] New Pixar Movie---Brave

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    Ehhhhh. I was never really a fan of those movies taking place in past where they use bows and ride on horses.

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    Pshh, Pixar's 1080p video here.

    Looks really pretty, hehe.

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    I love pixar movies. Can't wait for this!

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    It does, thanks.

    Show off. :P

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    Looks sort of like Jane & The Dragon.

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    That bedhead.

    I've always liked Pixar movies and like any other Pixar movie except the two Cars movies, Brave will probably be great.

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    Makes you feel young again.

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    I liked that the trailer reminded me of a Pixar movie, while not reminding me of a Pixar movie....If ya get what I mean.

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    Looks promising!

    Good setting, original main character! :)

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    It looks awesome, but it doesn't feel like Pixar to me.

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    Bumped since there's already a thread and I didn't want to start another one.

    Saw this movie with the hubby tonight and wow. It was amazing. And so was the animated short before the movie! GO SEE IT! /* I actually really liked the fact that the trailer didn't really give away any major plot points. */

    Pixar, you are forgiven for making Cars 2. Now get back to work making amazing movies.

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    Seeing it Sunday, can't wait.

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    Went to see it eariler. It doesn't live up to the other Pixar movies too well, but I was pretty good overall. I just wish they would announce The Incredibles 2 already. :(

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    Won't be able to see this until Monday.

    Edit: Saw it earlier today. It wasn't as bad as everyone told me but it wasn't all that spectacular. I'm a bit disappointed.
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    I saw it last Saturday, and I enjoyed it. It's very different from other things Pixar has done before, and that's not really a bad thing. It's certainly not my favorite Pixar movie (Which is probably still Toy Story 2) but it was quite good. The animated short seemed pretty weak though. Sure, stars are nice, but it seemed dull to me.

    It had some really great lines to.



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