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  1. Default School superintendent requests school be turned into prison

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    That's actually smart, it's not like prison is actually that bad, and frankly, some kids do deserve a f`ucking kick in the face because they think they are untouchable.

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    That's brilliant and it would be wonderful if something came of it but I doubt it will, except maybe a tiny bit of extra funding for making a scene.

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    i'm pretty sure he'll incarcerate a bunch of kids for "lack of knowledge" or something. wish him luck.

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    We're talking bare minimum, its not like they are keeping up with HBO series and have FiOS

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    Brilliant idea. Dude makes a good point, and hopefully something good comes of it. Also expect parents to be pissed off at him initially.

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    Actually, we're not. They get really good packages in some prisons.

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    I just read the letter carefully, and the superintendent does make a good point.

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    Yes, yes they do.
    Not to mention elective gender reassignments paid for by taxpayers.

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    From my understanding it's basic package and only (longest I've heard about in MD) Is 3 hours and that's if you haven't been an issue for at least 2-3 months/volunteer.

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    Didn't the Simpsons do something like this...

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    Wow...this is pretty shrewd of him.

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    I like this.

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    That was my first thought too... and then:

    The idea isn't bad but if this is true I can't see how it would be viable:

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    As a teacher myself, I approve of this letter. Though the swedish system aint as problematic as the ones found in the US.

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    Not to b!tch to US, but:


    About the highest criminal rate, I believe it has something to do with the Republican model where there is no free education, healthcare etc. and therefore many people drop out of the other society and are left without job and no money to pay for their kids education.

    Though, in US, the law is more strict as well. Which, in my opinion, is better than in Finland. What I mean is that what would just get you a big fine in Finland, would take you to prison in US.

    For the conditions in prison, Finland is probably even worse. Finland prison is more like a sheltered home or VIP hotel.

  18. DUCKS
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    Norway has some prison like that, Halden Fengsel, I think. I wouldn't call it worse, but better. It all depends on your point of view though: Do you think criminals should be punished for their actions, or should they be treated so that they do not do criminal actions again?

    Regardless, it is hard to compare them in any way, because (a) the Nordic countries have a different culture than the USA, (b) the drinking age is different, yet the countries have roughly the same drug policy, and (c) unknown variables which may or may not affect the result (correlation != causation etc.).



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