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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.381] The Wind

  1. Default [1.2.381] The Wind

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    Other Changes:
    - They redid how mob attacks are laid out in the WZ files. It's so... beautiful. - This will make parsing mob attacks MUCH easier!
    - New MapMarks were added - kentaInDanger, prisonBreak
    - There's a new unicorn pet. It's a lavender color.
    - There's a new title screen bgm. Haha, listening to it reminded me of Boston - More Than A Feeling (just the intro).

    Click here to see new Bowmen skill tables!

    Thanks to PeePeeAyeDeeKay for posting the patch notes so I can repost them here.

    (PvE) Skill Changes

    Patch Notes

    JoeTang's No-Engrish Patch Notes





    Mob (New)




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    they seem to like making your job easier with every patch eh fiel?

    also: going into hyperdrive here, can't wait, DO WANT, f5'ing like a champ

  3. Default

    ... Archers have double jump? WHAT.

    *continues reading, trying to understand what else is going on*

  4. Default

    Looking at each detail... Night Lords are seemingly becoming more and more obsolete each time... D:

    Hopefully we'll get something unique when our turn comes,whatever it is, because now almost everyone has a decent movement skill, self-healing skill, avoidability enhanced, and defensive measures...

    Nontheless, Archers do seem amazing with these changes, it looks exactly the stuff they needed.

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    These changes seem very mild for their first go at it. A lot of things removed too. I am looking forward to one of the KMS residents to translate it more properly for us.

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    Interesting. No mention of a new class as far as I can tell.

    As of now though, seems like BM's got larger boost than MM's just from AFA.

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    This is strange. My scripts are showing that Articuno and Moltres were removed. I can't find either of them in the new skill data, so it's obvious that they were removed. But then why isn't it listed in the patch notes?

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    ... and over at EF, Spadow says "Amelia is gonna be happy. Sharp Eyes 30 is available as a special masterybook."

    @Fiel (above), the patch notes say Phoenix and Frostprey were moved from 4th job to 3rd job, and had their max levels lowered from 30 to 20.

    - Phoenix (3rd): 3rd skill have been changed as a master level has been adjusted from 30 to 20.
    - Freezer (3rd): 3rd skill have been changed as a master level has been adjusted from 30 to 20.

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    Have a look again. They were moved to third job. Doesn't that make a new skill ID?

  10. Electron

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    Interesting changes, but double jump is something that simply does not fit. I cant see an archer with double jump |:

  11. Default

    Ah, that makes sense then.

    For the patch notes it reads that it was moved to third job. But according to the data it looks like "ADD PHOENIX TO 3RD JOB, REMOVE PHOENIX FROM 4TH JOB". No wonder it looked funny. Data-based skill changes coming rrrrrrright up!

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    The gibberish is making very little sense to me. Guess I'll have to wait for pictures.

  13. Hot minute Gay Male

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    Yep. Just woke up and my brain is like "wat." I don't do Engrish well in the mornings.

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    Elite puppet looks pretty badass. Waiting on further info on how it works.

    Get jiggy

  15. Default


  16. Default

    That looks ridiculously cute.

  17. Default

    Pimped up puppet! Heck yeah!

  18. Default

    Seems like Rangers/Bowmasters no longer have Dragon Pulse... replaced with drain... =/

    Loving the new puppet though =D.

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    I'm curious as to how that aura-like ring works with the Phoenix/Freezer summons. I can't wait for these changes.

    Should have read Joe's post first.

    Some of these changes surprised me, to be honest.



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