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  1. Default Damn it, hackshield.

    Welp, I dunno if it's a fix or what, but hack shield gets an "error" whenever I try to multi-client using different windows users. I just got severely cock blocked. Can anyone else try it out and see if it's not just me?

    Also, unsure if this belongs in this section, or the bugs section, since I dunno if it's intentional or not.

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    Same happened to me :S

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    people are saying nexon patched the multi client, nothing is working, idk if it is true.

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    yea hackershield error =(

    dam it what am i going to do now =(

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    If any it would be hackshield patching it Maikon

    time to get a new pc LOL

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    Maybe Nexon is in collarabition with Dell to sell more computers.
    (Yes it is blocked for me to.)

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    Yeah they patched it. Sucks. They patched the program to multi and switching users. Hopefully someone will find a way around it soon.

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    i saw on other forums, none of the multi clients (ghost maple, nxmaple, etc) are working

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    Damn, that sucks.
    What the <censored> harm did it do them? Just helped boost user count, which they seem to like (see Hot Time events and the like).

    No multi-log and no Duey, just exactly how is one supposed to transfer stuff from one account to another now? Trust friends and get scammed? Drop trade? Buy another comp? (Do Nexon have stock in Dell, as Princess suggested?)

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    This. My merchant and main are on two different accounts. Im sure many others do that as well. How are we suppose to transfer?
    At LEAST fix Duey.....

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    Yeah I tried right after patch and got the hackshield error then tried switching users and still got the same error..>.> Hope a way around this is found and soon, it was very helpful.



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