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  1. Default [1.2.163] MLPQ, New Belt equip and skills

    There are no Belt scrolls at this time.

    HT/PB returned to their original HP totals.

    L> Korean Translator for Skill section








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    Are there new monsters?

    More item slots for me to wish GMS had available to the common user >_> (medal, belt, face, eye accessory)

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    There is one new boss at the top, and it's level 150, so I doubt there's a cap on this. Therefore, everyone can get a belt.

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    Looks like they realised how popular the Bosshunter PQ was... should be interesting.

    Every single boss has summoning skills...

    Fortunate for Bowmen the 2nd body Pap seems to have been weakened, should only do about 3.1k touch instead of 7k or whatever. 23 million HP at that rate would be a bit ridiculous.

  5. *sweating*
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    Wait, are those accessories the new belts?

    And good to see they didn't keep HT and PB nerfed.

    EDIT: Also, wtp at the morph XD You can turn into some nerdy guy? Sweet!

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    O.o wow, nice update

    So what this basically is another Boss Pq,
    but just in done differently?

    Also can you see the belt equipped or not?

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    There's no visual difference. It's just like a pendant.

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    Awww, oh well; I guess having better stats is good =p
    Thanks Fiel

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    im really wondering what the skills do; from a babelfish.altavista translation im understanding that

    1. the first skill attacks monsters with bamboo via the air??! (not sure?) and then decreases defense ?! (translation : Level 01: The boss physical 30% decrement )
    2. the second skill gives you a certain time of invurnerability?!
    3. (translation: Level 01:30 first edition unknown 100% increases) no idea what that means...

    Just a wild guess but i think these skills are designed for the new PQ.. now lets hope they are also usable outside the pq

    Maybe thats what the bamboo skill is for? im not sure what fiels note means but i think it mean it has 100% atk (normal atk?) and can attack 30 mobs at a time?
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    its what i can get now, weird name skill, i have a corean friend, will ask him later

    items are common name, like the belts: red belt, blue belt, white belt, the one that looks like a bandana is Maple scarf
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    wow great translations, but i guess see'ing the overpoweredness of the 100% more atk skill and the 30 seconds godmode that we wont get to use these skills outside of the pq :s

  12. Water
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    First skill I'm assuming reduces physical and weapon defense of a boss. Second one acts like SS and gives you invincibility. Third one seems obvious and it doubles your damage.

    And the raid seems like nothing new. Boss rush PQ, but with belts and skills instead of microphones.

    Also, I want that chicken mouth thing. Just like the strawberry icecream bar, it's a zhelm on your face.

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    That nerd is gaga?

    Is it only me or are the map.wz isn't showing?

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    Let me understand: KMS released new PQ in Mu lung?

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    Interesting update. The gaga morph is pretty funny.

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    This looks amazing in so many ways...

    Now they need to drop monster book cards. OR ELSE.

    Also, it could have been interesting if it had the Geist Balrog, Headless horseman, and Bigfoot. Maybe for an alternate one :p

  17. DUCKS
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    It is showing. Just don't click it immediately after you've opened the website, but wait for it to be completely done loading.

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    Whats with all the monsters listed? Are they in the Monster Raid or have they had some stat changed for general play?



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