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    This is an alchemy dump. I have absolutely no idea what any of this Korean means and, because of that, I have no idea if it even looks remotely right so I can debug any errors. Do let me know if you see crap that doesn't make sense.

    Updated for 1.2.357

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  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
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    Wow, lots of things to be made. Looks really interesting. I wonder if these have progress bars like Maker, Legendary Spirit, etc.

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    Wisdom Crystal - 100x Lv 120 Bow Arrows
    LUK Crystal - 100x Lv 120 Crossbow Arrows


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    K, 오일 means Oil. So theres alot of things that are getting added to make these oils. I'll do some rough Konglish translations.

    EDIT: Oh pineapple that is so much to translate, I just got done with Herbalist and scrolled through the others.....pomegranate. I'll get it done over the weekend. D: Fiel how should I get this first translation to you? :|

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    What the Hell...NO BAKER D: Everyone Loves hot crusty BREAD!!! o:
    But still, this is VERY interesting ;D


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    LUK Pill, increase LUK by 30 for 30 minutes.
    Yes, thats baseLUK+30 for 30minutes.

  7. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    This makes me think of professions in WoW. o_o Pretty neat!

  8. Won't Be Coming Back

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    Wizet is jealous of devcat's Mabinogi. Pvp, new maker systems, whats next? Total Life system revamp?

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    I wonder what "premium items determined" and exclusive varnish are from.

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    Or it could be a processed ore from the Mining skill or something.

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    I hate to be negative but I am willing to bet it is a CS item. *hopes I am wrong like usual*

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    Time to make 5 characters and be the ultimate creator.

    Alchemy potions are preety cool!

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    I want to be a candlestick maker.

    Maple is becoming nothing like the game I fell in love with 5 and a half years ago...not sure if thats a positive yet.

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    oil prices are gonna rise :/

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    Oh well,seems like I've done a good choice.

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    Herbalism + Goldsmithing all the way. That one 130 ring alone is worth it, to say nothing of the new pendant. If the goldsmiths can make the belt, I'm completely sold xD

    EDIT: And since all miner seems able to do is forge gems and plates (and not even as well as the NPCs) what's the point >.>

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    is everything created by these new skills untradeable? Because that would be pretty lame.

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    To make mes0rs off people with the three that need the gems and plates.


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