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    They do this for 69-74 and 119-124 too.
    See the pattern? I think it's so you get "use" to the job and get to try it out before it gets tougher to level.

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    Amp is a final multiplier. It should be - 1 (4 * 949 + 133) * (199 / 100) * 1.5. The mathematical result is the same, though. Amp, EWand Bonus, and Weakness are all multipliers applied after the inital calculation.

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    So, how is Katara damage calculated? The way you have it worded is that they use Dex as their primary stat. Also, your minimum damage table is missing Katara and Dagger classification. I will assume it is meant to be in the melee category.

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    Although no research has been done on Kataras, it's assumed that they use the same damage formula as daggers since that's how it worked beforehand. Thanks for letting me know about daggers not being in there, and yes they are melee. You'll see that daggers do have their own row in the cheat sheet.

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    Thanks Fiel :)

    Post BB, I will do some research and see if I can find the modifier for Katara damage.

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    Probably a nice way to smooth out the hell levels. 9-14 is where you're almost to 1st job, and 10-15 is usually the more boring parts of the game since you have not exactly gotten new skills yet, or at least skills worth using in place of auto-attack.

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    How's bonus acc interacting with this? The revamped scrolls add hundreds of acc, same with mastery... now, I'm really confused about how phisical acc works... is it true that warriors won't need any dex?
    Also, bonus acc from equips afects magic acc? (I'm almost sure the answer might be "works the same as it would with phis acc", but that's puzzling me)

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    It's added directly afterward.

    Physical Accuracy = LUK + (DEX * 1.2) + ACC

    Warriors do not need any DEX. You can easily make it to fourth job with no points in DEX.

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    Now, concerning revamp is that the case or is that an unknown variable as of now?

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    It's unknown at this point, but KMSers are not reporting much of a difference. I wouldn't let this throw a wrench in your plans.

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    Drk, here I go! (some day... 2-4 hours a day without funds might not be enough)...

    As a random coment, I've been lurking this place for a long time... and I must say: dude, you sure have a lot of patience to do all this extraction work...

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    Just wondering...

    Did anyone get the results for 1 - 200 EXP TNL? I mean, the results we have are precise but they're not accurate.

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    The Katara multiplier is seemingly lower than Daggers, given the assumption that all off-hand Weapon Attack is split evenly between the Dagger and Katara, which gives precise numbers for the Dagger. The Katara on the other hand seems to be a 1.25 multiplier, as I hit lower than a 1.3 multiplier range, but I don't on the Dagger.



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