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  1. Default (Alert) New Moderation Policy

    Major changes in moderation policy

    Many of these changes have been requested over the past few months and I've decided that now is the time to implement them. All of the following are effective immediately:

    (1) When being sent a moderation PM, it will now come from an anonymous "moderator" account - This is to protect the moderators and to prevent drama, attacks on us, and allows us to do our work much more effectively under the guise of anonymity. The current method of appealing a moderation will not change. Simply PM a moderator to have your infraction reviewed.

    (2) No market threads in the World Forums - I have deleted all marketing threads in the world forums at this point. Anyone else who posts one will get hit with a spam infraction. I will determine when to create the market boards.

    (3) Infractions now have a three month lifespan - Infractions will always show in your profile, but after three months the infraction points will be subtracted away from your total. I'm not sure how this will affect those who have infraction points at the present moment, but all new infractions will have a three month lifespan.

  2. Default

    Expired infractions don't count as your total, right? So if you have 7 expired infractions you won't be banned?

  3. Default

    Uhm... expiration date: 'Never' @ my infractions >_>

  4. Default

    I think the new rule only applies to the infractions after the update, not before.

  5. Default

    I've gone ahead and fixed the expiration dates on the current infractions.

  6. Default

    Yay! I'm happy now. But my infraction only has a one month life...was that intentional?

  7. Default

    The problem is that I apparently cannot read.

  8. Default

    My infraction said never, then when i checked my CP i noticed it said expired
    would that be normal?

  9. Default


    I received an infraction and the PM didn't come from this anonymous moderator account. Is it not working properly or what?

  10. Default

    When did you get that infraction?

  11. Default

    Thanks for pointing that out. I've unexpired the warnings which I initially accidentally expired.

  12. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Szook / ZookPriest
    Server: Scania
    Level: 14x / 5x
    Job: NL / Bishop
    Guild: Lunar


    i feel like #1 is cause of me msging lylac f3



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