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  1. Default [1.2.328] Battlemages get their spotlight

    Why hello there Thunder Spear

    Skill Changes

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    Wow...MORE changes? =.=

    WHAT. No Teleport Mastery for Battlemages? Even after they nerfed Teleport? =.=

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    What do you think 텔레포트 마스터리 is?

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    Watch them nerf Battle Mages in the next patch. This class skill balancing could take some time.

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    It will NEVER be finished trust me.

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    I...don't know? I can't read Korean. x.x

    The rest of the description doesn't really make sense either. I mean, I don't see the 250% or whatever the damage value was...nor do I see a distance boost. All I see is MP and a whole chunk of Korean.

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    Brandish got a buff...? Isn't it already stronger than Brave Slash?

    Lol @ TT nerf. What does "Experienced pyochangsu" mean?

    mobCount (6); damage (300); subProp (80); prop (100); time (4); y (20); x (20);

    Hit 6 mobs for 300% damage, 100% chance to stun for 4 seconds. 20x20 AoE?
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    Beats me. That's what google translate tells me. If you have a better translation for 숙련된 표창술, I'd love to hear it.

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    Oh God. I must be blind. Thanks.

    That "Experienced" thingy should be that skill that has a chance to recharge 1 star. Yeah, that thing. I think someone translated it as "Trained Recognition".

    Anyway, does anyone know what exactly Magic Mastery does? The 4th Job one.

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    No. X and Y variables do not mean AoE. If the skill is AoE, there would be a Range link for it. X and Y mean something specific to this skill and only this skill.

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    Wow mages got buffed again, with elemental staff, the damage will be ridiculous ^^

    Does anyone know how enrage work at KMS now?
    for example, adv combo + enrage = 100%+100%+60% = 260% increase or (100%+100%)*1.6 = 320% increase?
    if it is 320%, hero will be the king of bossing I think....

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    Did soul stone's cooldown get removed?

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    Glad to see they're buffing Dual Blades.

    Fiel, I heard that Mirror Image acts like Shadow Partner now. Is this true?

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    LiquidSwing: Nothing in the data would tell me that.

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    Wow, still more changes.

    This will NEVER END!! D:

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    Wad is MadX?
    the new skill animation is for i/l mage 3rd job skill- thunder spear?LOL

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    Wow. After over half a decade, Thunder Spear looks like a thunder spear, instead of just random electricity.

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    I'm pretty sure it's original effect was +50% buff time at max; after Nexon realized that that was a pretty terrible skill, they made it so it increases MA by 20%. Now it's 30%, so 4th job mages essentially have another 1.3x multiplier on their damage.

    That makes it so AMs have a 1.6 multiplier from amp(was this buffed recently?), a possible 1.5 from elemental advantage, and a 1.25 from elemental weapons in JMS, GMS, and MSEA. Right now in GMS the multiplier is 1.5*1.25, for a 1.875 multiplier total, and now it's 2.6. I'm pretty sure this is how it works, but I'll see if that's how it really is.

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    A skilled award wine
    The honoring alcoholic beverage which becomes skillful


    Als 30&#37; increase from Master Magic <3

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    Resistance got buffed alot..OMG..



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