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  1. Default Nexon KR buys out GameHi

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    Looks like Nexon will soon have a stake in every online game...I wont be able to play anything.

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    They better not touch Baruson or gPotato. I'd totally quit Dragonica if Nexon lay its evil clutches on it.

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    Its like Nexon likes playing monopoly a lot.

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    And why wouldn't they? Business works better when you have a lot of income after all.

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    And why is THIS in "Maplestory Discussion"? Nexon is not Maplestory. People have this neat habit of pretending the only game they have is MS.

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    Pray tell where the f'uck else it should go.

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    Well at this rate, we'll have to open up another section specifically for "Nexon BUYS brand X out this week"

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    Real forums made by people with brains have a general discussion section for matters not related to the main subject of the forum. So yeah, continue crying about it. All I can say is that it doesn't belong in the intelligent discussion forum, because nexon brings out the retard in everyone, no matter the location.

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    Am I missing something?
    Anyways, Nexon's just slowly buying out the competition, nothing of the new.
    @Wee, if you don't like it, get out.

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    Had to do it, and I see no issue if Nexon has the profits to swallow smaller, yet still successful businesses.

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    And who are you, exactly?

    Turn your attention to the bottom half of the forum page.

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    Not sure what that does for me, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact this thread isn't about maplestory. WAY TO GO CHAMP YOU GET A GOLD STAR FOR EFFORT



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