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  1. Default Reason for the downtime

    The downtime was caused by my host, VPSLink, having a server meltdown and mass coffee spillage.

    My problem isn't entirely with the downtime itself. My problem here is that:

    (1) No warning that the server would be going down
    (2) No e-mails with assurances that the server would be coming back
    (3) No reduction in the amount I have to pay for the month (the service level agreement is gone from the website!)
    (4) They completely botched the server the first time around forcing me to restart. I received over 2500 e-mails stating "THE SERVER IS DOWN" from my own server and server load spiked up to 33 32 33. The second time around, the server was completely unreachable and I had to wait for them to fix the service.

    I am very unhappy with the service level that I'm receiving from VPSLink. To prevent further warrantless downtimes, we will be moving servers - again! Thanks for all of the help, VPSLink. You've been really wonderful.

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    I've got 20 VPS's with them all with "99.99%" uptime well some less but thats down to me for whatever reasons. I have a few dedcs with them too. Great Value, Fanastic Service. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Someone you should look into Fiel :)

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    Thanks for the recommendation but I've already gone with KnownHost.

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    Is the new server going to be in Texas?



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